Commercial Cooking Equipment

Whether you run a restaurant, cafe, pub or hotel, it is important to invest in efficient and reliable cooking equipment. Eco Catering offers a wide range of environmentally-friendly commercial cooking equipment which aims to keep your kitchen running smoothly while cutting costs.

Our combi ovens include brands such as Rational and Hobart and are slowly becoming a must-have for the modern kitchen. Either gas or electrically powered, combi ovens are favoured for the number of cooking methods they offer such as poaching, steaming, baking, grilling and many more.

Another reason combi ovens are becoming a regular fixture for kitchens is that one unit is capable of cooking over 240 meals per day, it’s also possible to stack ovens to maximise space. This also allows you to use a single unit during quieter business hours, saving energy.

In addition to combi ovens, we also supply a variety of alternative commercial cooking equipment such as Bains Marie. These electrically heated containers are perfect for storing hot food for longer periods of time, perfect for buffet services and slow cooking delicate dishes.

We provide both dry and wet bains marie; the former being used to keep food hot while the latter uses hot water to cook, retaining moisture and preventing pan sticking. There are a number of container options, meaning you can store several dishes at once.

There are hundreds of other products dedicated to commercial cooking. These include heavy duty microwaves for reheating pre-made dishes and portable countertop hobs, griddles and chargrills, perfect for external functions and front of house use. We also supply a full range of commercial cooking accessories.

Take a look at our range of commercial cooking equipment below: