Commercial Table Top Food Mixers

Find the perfect commercial tabletop food mixers for your kitchen at Eco Catering Equipment.

These planetary mixers are designed to mix, knead, and whip a variety of ingredients, making them a must-have for any commercial kitchen.

Our range includes tabletop mixers from renowned brands like KitchenAid and Metcalfe, available in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet the needs of any kitchen, from small cafes to large restaurants.

Whether you're making dough for bread or whipping cream for a dessert, our table top mixers will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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  1. Hobart A200-B1E
    Bench Mixer - 20 Litre

    Complete with:

    • Capacity - 20 Litre
    • No. of Speeds - 3 speed gear box
    • Electrics - Single Phase: 230/50/1 (Fused at 16amp)
    • Dimensions - 762 (h) x 476 (w) x 573 (d) (mm)
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    £6,289.00 £7,546.80

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Commercial Counter Top Mixer FAQs

Can a commercial mixer be used for mixing pizza dough?

A mixer is the perfect thing for making dough, as long as it is powerful enough. Take a look at our dough mixers above. These are excellent for bakeries and pizzerias. We have lots of different size options to choose from, so just ensure the bowl size you choose can tackle the amount of dough you need to mix daily.

What mixers do bakers use?

Professional bakers use a variety of mixers, and it often depends on personal preference. Chances are, though, the range of mixers we have above will keep a baker covered for most tasks.

If you need spiral mixers, dough mixers or a mixer for mixing large quantities of anything, we have a high quality commercial mixer in stock perfect for your needs. We also have a collection of accessories including dough hook, whisk, beater and agitator attachments for a host of KitchenAid and Metcalfe machines. Get in touch today to learn more about this essential kitchen tool!