Rational Grill and Pizza Tray

1/1 GN - 60.70.943

Dimensions (mm)

£99.00 £118.80

With use of both sides of the tray, this product allows you to bake both fresh pizzas and tarte flambee on just one tray. The Rational Grill and Pizza Tray ensures optimal browning and crispiness due to its fine grill pattern, creating a traditional grill flavour. It’s optimal non-stick properties guarantees easy cleaning, even when withstanding temperatures up to 300°C whilst cooking.


  • 1/1 GN grill and pizza tray
  • Withstands temperatures of up to 300 ℃
  • Fine grill pattern suited best for grilling vegetables, fish and other grilled products, giving a traditional grill flavour
  • With use of both sides, baked goods can be crispy and nicely browned
  • Optimal non-stick properties allow easy use and clean up
  • Dimensions of 530 (h) x 325 (w) (mm)

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