Rational Cross and Stripe Grill Grate

1/1 GN - 60.73.314

Dimensions (mm)

£99.00 £118.80

The innovative design of the Rational Cross and Stripe Grill Grate allows two options of either classic grill stripes or  American steakhouse pattern, on just one grate. TriLax coating and non-stick properties provides browning whilst cooking in temperatures up to 300°C and allows for easy cleaning after use. It’s excellent conductivity of alloys provides great results without the need to preheat, even when cooking large quantities.


  • 1/1 GN cross and stripe grill grate
  • Capacity of up to 160 rump steaks in 15 minutes
  • Withstands temperatures of up to 300 ℃
  • The griddle is extremely robust and durable to withstand large quantities
  • Two different grill pattern options with just one grate
  • No pre-heating is not required due to outstanding heat conductivity
  • Optimal non-stick properties from a TriLax coating allow easy use and clean up
  • Dimensions of 530 (h) x 325 (w) (mm)

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