Commercial Sous Vide Machines

Sous Vide Machines

Eco Catering Equipment, the premier supplier of professional kitchen appliances, are proud to present our selection of sous vide cooking machines.

Commercial sous vide machines and water baths have rapidly grown in popularity, thanks to their ability to retain the full flavour and tender texture of the food you cook.

With a Clifton or Instanta sous vide bath, you have the ability to control the level of boiling, with a specific temperature control to produce consistently perfect results.

Available in a wide choice of capacities and styles to suit requirements of the busy chef and kitchen, our sous vide cooker range includes single and double chamber units, complete with stirred or unstirred baths, allowing you to cook sous vide with ease and flexibility.

View our full range of water baths from the Clifton Food Range and Instanta below:

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Our popular unstirred water baths offer a highly accurate mass of water at a stable temperature as a result of convection heating and the perforated shelf. With an Instanta sous vide cooking machine, you can get the ability to cook sous vide with ease - and without breaking the bank.

Stirring water baths have a heater unit to one side of the chamber which incorporates a stainless steel propeller resulting in accurate control of the temperature. By choosing a Clifton water bath, you are enhancing textures and tastes and creating perfect results every time; for that perfectly cooked steak or seafood, this selection of sous vide machines is ideal.

With capacities up to 30 litres, in both stirred and unstirred models, Eco Catering Equipment offers a specially chosen range of high quality commercial sous vide machines to suit your needs. For the best cooking experience this side of Paris, explore our selection of favourite sous vide machines suitable for professional kitchens.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sous Vide Baths

How is sous vide cooking done commercially?

Sous vide cooking involves cooking food in vacuum-seal pouches at precisely controlled low temperature.

In commercial settings, sous vide machines often feature precise temperature controls and an immersion circulator, ensuring the water bath is at a precise temperature for consistent results. Commercial sous vide cooking machines offer chefs the ability to achieve precise doneness levels, with ideal flavours and textures. A popular choice for restaurants, hotels, and catering services, sous vide cooking is a favourite method for high-end establishments.

What are the different types of sous vide cooking machines?

There are two main types of sous vide cooker: stirred and unstirred.

A stirred sous vide machine comes with a circulation system, pumping water throughout the bath to ensure consistent heat distribution and temperature during cooking. A sous vide machine with a stirred water bath is ideal for uniform sous vide cooking.

An unstirred sous vide machine does not have a circulation system, relying on natural convection to distribute heat instead. Simpler in design, unstirred sous vide machines are a budget-friendly option for those with specific cooking requirements.

How much does a sous vide cooker cost?

The cost of a sous vide machine depends on many factors, including the brand, model, and age of the machine. Newer sous vide machines, for example, will cost more - as will a higher water bath capacity or features such as immersion circulator.

For the best deal on a sous vide machine, Eco Catering Equipment holds sous vide cookers from a range of brands - including Instanta and the Clifton Food Range.

What are the best sous vide machines for commercial use?

Selecting the best sous vide cooking machine for professional use depends on specific needs and factors, but a few standout brands of favourite sous vide machines are:

  1. The Clifton Food Range offers unstirred and stirred sous vide machine models, featuring water bath capacities of up to 28 litres. With temperature ranges up to and over 95°C, a sous vide machine from the Clifton Food Range is suited for even the busiest chef.
  2. Instanta provides high-capacity unstirred sous vide machines, with precise temperature control ranges of up to and including 99°C. If you’re considering cooking sous vide in an Instanta sous vide machine, these unstirred water bath options are ideal for professional kitchens on a budget.

The best sous vide cooking machine depends on your specific needs, the recipes you are looking to cook, and the investment you are willing to make.