Commercial Food Mixer Accessories

Food Mixer Accessories

Our collection of high-quality commercial food mixer accessories has been curated to enhance the capabilities of your commercial mixer, particularly planetary mixers and spiral mixers. Elevate your culinary experience and efficiency with our premium selection of attachments for commercial food mixers, ensuring your professional kitchen is well-equipped for a diverse range of culinary tasks.

This selection of accessories for commercial food mixers has been curated to complement and optimise the abilities of spiral mixers and planetary mixers. We understand the important of compatibility with leading brands, which is why our extensive selection mixing equipment ensures exceptional quality and reliability.

Whether you need specialised beaters, dough mixers or hooks, or a stainless steel bowl, find the ideal attachments for your planetary mixer or spiral mixer here. Ideal for mixing dough, including pizza dough, or mixing large quantities for a range of restaurants, bakeries, or canteens.

Check out our range of mixer parts below:

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  1. Hobart 'B' Beater
    Aluminium - 140 litres (BBEATER-HL140)

    Original Hobart 140 Litre 'B' Beater Suitable for the Hobart HL1400-10

    *Please note this paddle format may vary to the image shown

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    £699.00 £838.80

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Invest in the best equipment for your commercial food mixers, and go beyond the basic functionalities. This range of Hobart food mixers were designed to enhance efficiency and productivity in your kitchen, bakery, or elsewhere. For whipping delicate creams or kneading dough for artisan bread, from a dough hook to just the right size bowl, you can expand the capabilities of your mixer, allowing you to diversify your menu offerings.

With the right additions, commercial food mixers enable you to save valuable time in the kitchen by skipping the process of hand mixing. Efficiently mix, beat, and knead ingredients and reduce manual effort. Bakeries used to require dough mixers, but now a food mixer, a dough hook, and a bowl is all that's needed.

Anything available through Eco Catering Equipment prioritises durability and is crafted from high-quality materials. Invest in parts that withstand the rigours of a commercial kitchen, ensuring longevity and reliable performance for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Mixer Accessories

What's the difference between a food mixer and a blender?

A blender is a common kitchen appliance. It is usually used for wetter recipes, and utilises one blade and a tall jar. On the other hand, food processors have a wider bowl and multiple blades. A food processor is also designed for dry foods, and can shred as well as puree.

How much dough can a commercial freestanding mixer make at once?

The capacity of a commercial mixer is dependant on the brand and design. A commercial freestanding mixer will usually be able to hold upwards of 20 litres.

What are the different types of industrial mixers? Spiral Mixers and Planetary Mixers

There are numerous types of appliances called food mixers. A planetary mixer, for example, is named so for its orbital pattern of mixing around the outer edge of a bowl. A spiral mixer, unlike a planetary mixer, rotates the bowl while the spiral hook spins and kneads the ingredients in a motion similar to hand kneading.

What are the uses of an industrial food mixer?

A commercial food mixer is usually has a range of functions; dough, mashing potatoes, shredding cooked meats, whipping icing and cream, and other mixing tasks.