Here at Eco Catering Equipment, we're proud to be a leading supplier of the latest high quality commercial catering equipment. From warewashing units such as dishwashers and glass washers, to cooking equipment like combi-ovens and grills, we meet the varied demands of the modern commercial kitchen. Commercial catering equipment for sale at Eco Catering Equipment comes in a large range of options, which means there can be plenty to think about when picking the right products for your operation.

Let's take a look at the various pieces of equipment that the modern catering business might need:


Warewashing refers to any piece of equipment that's designed to automatically clean dirty items such as utensils, tableware, glasses and more. It's a necessity in everything from small bars to major commercial kitchens, and is often in constant use. Compared to your typical domestic unit, commercial warewashers are faster, more robust, and come with greater capacity and features. As a result, it's important that you pick the right piece of warewashing equipment.

One of the first questions that you might ask yourself is whether you need a dishwasher or a glass washer. Commercial glass washers are designed specifically for glassware, and operate slightly differently to dishwashers as a result. They are not interchangeable. A dishwasher will generally operate at a higher temperature and often with stronger cleaning products, which could potentially damage glassware. In addition, glass washers have a shorter cycle, allowing the rapid cleaning of glassware.

When it comes to deciding which glass washer or dishwasher you need, the considerations are likely to be similar. Some of the factors affecting your decision will include the following:

  • Capacity
    The number of dirty items that you can fit into the unit is an important consideration, particularly if you don't have a large amount of space in which to store items before cleaning or your site is busy and needs to clean a high volume quickly and effectively. Both glass washers and dishwashers use racks or baskets ranging from 350x350mm to 500x500mm. Some models offer double racking, effectively doubling the capacity.
  • Cleaning cycle
    The length of the cleaning cycle will dictate how quickly items can go through the cleaning process, so you'll need to consider how much demand your business will place on the machine each day. When looking at the specification for each machine, you'll be able to see the typical length of a cleaning cycle, as well as how many cycles it can complete in an hour. This will give you a gauge of how well the warewasher can perform and the sort of workload it can handle.
  • Drainage type
    Both dishwashers and glass washers need suitable drainage and there are two options: either gravity or pumped. Gravity drainage is naturally cheaper, but it will mean that the equipment will need to be above the drain point to work. A fitted drain pump gives a warewasher much more flexibility when it comes to positioning it. Particularly if you are unsure of your drainage when ordering.
  • Brand
    At Eco Catering Equipment, we only supply high quality products, and we're pleased that a number of brands on the market offer products that meet our standards. DC, Hobart and Meiko are some of the manufacturers you'll see in the commercial warewashing category, each offering various benefits and features in different price brackets.
  • Features
    There are various features that dishwashers and glass washers can come with, including things like auto-start functions, varying cycle lengths, 4-sided hoods for efficiency, reduced water consumption and much more. We also make sure that our units can be specified with additional features, such as integral water softeners, a must in any hard water site, helping protect your warewasher and maintain results.
  • Form factor
    In order to work with various kitchen layouts and requirements, there are several different types of dishwasher, and you'll need to work out which is best for your business. Smaller, undercounter units are a good option for compact kitchens, but larger operations will want a full size hood dishwasher for maximum throughput and for those where high throughput is a must a rack conveyor dishwasher may be the solution.

We're also pleased to be able to offer the full range of warewashing accessories and chemicals to ensure that your equipment performs exactly as it should.

Beverage equipment

Bars, and indeed many kitchens, will require specific equipment for certain tasks, and this is well illustrated with our range of commercial beverage equipment. While kettles and freezers can do the job, having dedicated machines such as auto fill water boilers and ice machines make the tasks much easier, and the whole team and your operation far more effective.

Water coolers offer the ability to rapidly dispense cool drinking water whatever the weather, and we're also able to offer bottle coolers that store perfectly chilled bottles ready for customers. Free standing back bar coolers are available in one, two or three doors options, designed to chill everything from soft drinks to beer bottles, ready to serve at the perfect drinking temperature. And our range of wine coolers are designed to store all wine types at the absolute optimum temperature.

If on the other hand you need rapid access to hot or boiling water, then you'll want to consider a water boiler. These useful pieces of equipment are available in multiple variants depending on your requirements. If you're operating a mobile catering unit without mains access to water, then you might opt for a freestanding unit that can be manually filled. If you're running a cafe bar however, then a wall mounted autofill unit might be best.

Having a great quality ice machine can make all the difference to your bar, and we're pleased to be able to bring you a range of options in this regard. We supply ice dispensers, perfect for self-service in hotels and alike, or commercial ice cube makers used by staff creating a whole range of drinks. Impressively, some of our units can produce well over 100kg of ice in 24 hours.

Flakers and crushers on the other hand are a great option for those making cocktails that would otherwise require the manual crushing of ice.

As with blenders, juicers are a great choice for behind the bar, offering a whole new way of creating delicious, fresh drinks for customers.

Whether you're running a dedicated bar, or the drinks area in a cafe, consider how some of our commercial catering machines could make your business better.

Commercial cooking equipment

Commercial cooking equipment will be central to any commercial kitchen, which is why we supply such a large range of options, whether you're rapidly cooking takeout food, preparing large quantities for a buffet, or you need to labour over gourmet dishes cooked to perfection. When deciding which pieces of equipment you need, there'll be a few things to think about.

The first consideration is what you'll be preparing in the kitchen. Smaller food carts and kiosks may only need one or two items of cooking equipment to prepare food for a limited menu, but larger catering businesses may well need the full range of machines, particularly if the food offering changes regularly.

Combi-ovens and microwaves are one of the most popular choices in any commercial setting because they offer a huge amount of flexibility, reducing the space and investment needed in multiple pieces of equipment. Combi ovens are incredibly versatile, allowing you to cook various food types in different ways, quickly and efficiently, they can be used as a stand alone unit that can produce an entire cooked breakfast or in conjunction with other pieces of equipment to give your food the perfect finish. They're a must have for any kitchen regularly preparing food in a time sensitive manner.

In addition to combi-ovens and cooking ranges, we offer a number of specialist units designed to cook food perfectly. Fryers, grills, steamers, charbroilers and even pasta boilers are available, so consider your business' cooking needs, and how best our range of commercial catering equipment can accommodate them.

When you've got an idea of which types of cooking equipment you need, think about some of the following qualities:

  • Brand
    Certain brands will offer a different combination of price points and features, it's also important to think about after sales care and parts and service support but here at Eco Catering Equipment, we always ensure we stock only quality brands.
  • Price
    Pricing is crucial to everybody and we understand you have a budget to work towards, that's why we're able to offer catering equipment at a wide range of price points to suit most businesses, whether you're a sole trader, or you're operating a large multisite catering enterprise.
  • Features
    Think about the features that you might need. Do you need versatile cooking methods? Does a combi-oven, for example, cover everything you need? Making it a potential alternative to several pieces of equipment. Is there a must have feature that you can only get from a certain model. Have a good idea of what food you want to create, this will help steer you towards making the right purchase.
  • Performance
    Think about the volume of cooking you require, for example a larger 20-grid roll-in oven is going to cope with the highest demands where as a 6-grid oven maybe all you need. You want to be sure you don't under or over spec. your machine requirements. It could be money wasted on a unit you don't need or money lost with a unit that can't cope.
  • Space
    The amount of space you have to work with will dictate which pieces of equipment you can use, but there are usually both compact and full-size options to choose from and equipment that can cook in multiple ways to give you a very efficient kitchen layout. A cleverly thought out kitchen can produce a large volume of food from a small footprint.


Keeping ingredients cool or frozen is as important as the cooking itself. It's of paramount importance that food products are stored at the correct temperatures. Your kitchen requires fridges and freezers that can cope with the demands of a commercial environment. Therefore you must have the right specification, and crucially, a unit that is reliable and accurate at holding temperature. Fridge and freezer failures can be costly, not only in terms of the machine itself, but also the stock inside.

We offer a number of different types of commercial fridge and freezer, ranging from large fridge counters that offer an all-in-one solution for storing and preparing things like salad, to upright wine cabinets that even make for stylish additions to the front of house. Some of the options include the following:

  • Upright cabinet fridges and freezers, which are the mainstay of any catering operation and can be found in virtually any kitchen. They're great for holding large volumes of stock, and come in a range of sizes and configurations.

  • Coolers for behind the bar, which hold bottles ready to serve to customers. Upright bottle coolers are are also available for sites that require greater capacity. They can also be supplied with specialist racks to hold wine.

  • Compact undercounter cabinets, ideal if counter space is at a premium and you need a space-saving solution.

  • Prep counters allow you to prepare food with chiller ingredients immediately to hand, reducing prep time and minimising the risk of food becoming unsafe during preparation.

  • Blast chillers and freezers, which can rapidly chill or freeze volumes of food, ready for hygienic and safe storage.

Commercial kitchen equipment

As we're committed to ensuring that we offer you everything that the professional kitchen needs, we supply a wide range of other pieces of commercial catering equipment that serve specific and important requirements. You might not have considered all of these products, but they could be just what your business needs to make food and drinks preparation more efficient, or the food you make even better. Other commercial kitchen equipment can include the following:

  • Planetary Mixers
    Baking your own bread or have other major mixing requirements? A planetary mixer is a great option to take away some of the strain.
  • Blenders
    Often essential in both bars and kitchens, commercial blenders are fast  and robust and offer considerable power, allowing you to blend a volume of ingredients, including ice, in seconds.
  • Vegetable prep
    We're pleased to offer a variety of pieces of equipment for vegetable prep, which makes chopping, slicing and preparing items for things like salad much quicker. With capacities varying from 1kg to 100kg of veg per minute.

Sustainable Disposables

At Eco Catering Equipment, we're responsible catering equipment suppliers, and the environment is one of our top priorities. We're focussed on supplying products that allow businesses to reduce their demands when it comes to energy and water, which in turn helps to cut carbon emissions. However, there are many ways that the modern catering business can reduce its impact on the environment, and the disposal of waste is one of them.

By using recyclable materials where possible, and reducing reliance on plastics, catering businesses can reduce their impact on the environment. As a result, we're pleased to be able to bring you a range of Vegware, Fiesta Green and Colpac amongst others, which are classified as a sustainable disposable. 

Cups, cutlery, napkins, containers and ready-for-purchase packing materials are available to buy on the site. If you can replace any of your disposables with environmentally friendly alternatives, then why not make the switch and join us as we make the commercial catering market more eco conscious?

If you need help working out exactly which types of commercial catering equipment you need, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us on 01582 788163. We'll be happy to help you make the right decision for your business.