Lincat OE8701

Electric Pasta Boiler (Opus 800)

Dimensions (mm)

£2,408.51 £2,890.21

The Lincat OE8701 is an electric pasta boiler with two water setting, a fast fill or trickle fill. The trickle fill setting means the water level is maintained whilst cooking. The clever starch removal system keeps water fresher for longer. It can be used as a pasta boiler, a steamer or a bains marie which helps save space within the kitchen. It is sleek, stylish and powerful which makes it a great solution for any site.

Complete with:

  • Three products in one: pasta boiler, steamer or bain marie
  • Plumbed to fresh water and waste for convenient operation
  • High quality corrosion-resistant tanks
  • Unique easy to clean flush fitting plate elements with boil-dry protection
  • Choice of optional pasta baskets


  • Water Capacity - 24 litres
  • Power - 6kW
  • Unpacked Weight - 58.4kg
  • Dimensions - 1020 (h) x 400 (w) x 800 (d) (mm)

Warranty - 2 years parts and labour

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