Commercial Ice Flakers

Commercial Ice Flakers are the ideal piece of equipment for sites that need large quantities of flaked ice, readily available. Perfect for cocktail bars, fishmongers, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare sites.

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  1. Hoshizaki FM-300AKE-HC
    Ice Flaker
    (with optional bins)

    Complete with:

    • Production Capacity - 300 kg (flake) / 250kg (nugget) per 24 hours
    • Storage Bin Capacity – 144kg
    • Electrics – 220-240V/50Hz/1 900 Watt
    • Dimensions – 780 (h) x 560 (w) x 700 (d) (mm)
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    £3,589.00 £4,306.80

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Get Your Commercial Ice Machine from Eco Catering

Offering you the Foster FMIF120 ice flaker with an inbuilt ice storage bin and the modular Hoshizaki FM-300 with three storage bin options, we have commercial ice flakers to suit every site. Offering ice production from 110kg up to 300kg per 24 hours.

Whether you need an ice maker for your bar or fishmongers, you'll find the right machine here are Eco Catering. We stock lots of different ice machines capable of creating all ice types. So, from cocktails and beverages to fish and fresh produce, explore our website to see our full range of high-quality ice machines.

Commercial Ice Machines FAQs

What are the different types of flake ice?

Flake ice is the loose definition of a group of ice types. This ice type can be roughly grouped into two - scale ice and granular ice. Most integral flake ice machines can make both types but do check the models you are looking at to ensure that they can create the ice you need.

What are ice flakes called?

Depending on where you work, the ice flakes that come out of the integral ice flakers are likely called different things. Some places call it snow, others call it graupel, and others simply call it ice.

How much ice does a commercial ice machine make?

One of the commercial ice machines we stock can produce 110kg in 24 hours. The other can produce a whopping 300kg in 24 hours! Choosing the right one for your business is really important! You can increase your cash flow and decrease the amount of time your employees spend babysitting ice machines!