Gas Hoses

Eco Catering Equipment is your premier destination for gas hoses.

With a full range of suitable 3/4" hoses from 1000mm to 1500mm, our range of Dormont braided gas hoses offer security and peace of mind.

For both natural gas and LPG gas, hose selection from Eco Catering Equipment is easy and versatile. Check out our stock of PVC-coated stainless steel pigtails, along with corrosion and antimicrobial resistance.

Shop now for a resistant braided BPQ gas hose that works for both natural and LPG gas:

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3 Items

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With quick disconnect couplings and straight restrainer cables, our PVC and 304 stainless steel pigtails stock ranges from 1000mm to 1500mm, ideal for any commercial or catering establishment.

The PVC coating is durable and wrinkle free, ensuring it conforms to your needs without losing shape or integrity.

Eco Catering Equipment takes gas safety seriously, especially in the hot and high pressure environments of commercial kitchens.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Gas Hoses

Can you use any hose for gas?

The type of gas hose you need to use depends on the type of gas you are attempting to divert. Natural gas hoses cannot be used to propane, because these gasses have different chemical properties. Propane requires a propane gas hose, and vice versa. Some types of gas hose can be used for multiple gas types, such as a hose that is intended for either natural or LPG.

How long can a gas hose be?

Gas hoses have specific length requirements, and it's essential that all establishments have a gas hose that conforms to these lengths. LPG gas hoses, for example, have a maximum length of around 1.5m to ensure a lowered risk of accidents. Always check the requirements for length and material when purchasing and installing a gas hose.

How do I choose a gas hose?

Choosing a gas hose requires you to look at diameter, length, and material. A shorter length helps avoid low pressure, while a hose that's too short can lead to too high pressure. The inside diameter of the hose also impacts pressure, with a larger diameter avoiding high pressure - but also impacting flow speed. The material must be chemically compatible for the gas type, as well as resistant to exterior conditions and either flexible or rigid enough to fit the intended application.

What's the difference between a natural gas and LPG gas hose?

LPG hoses can be used for both natural and LPG, but a gas hose for natural gas cannot be used for LPG. Natural gas hoses are built for low pressure, as it is lighter than LPG.