Eco-Friendly Disposable Napkins

Eco Catering Equipment is your one stop shop for all eco friendly catering equipment, including eco-friendly disposable napkins.

Made from recycled, unbleached paper, these absorbent napkins offer a sustainable alternative to traditional paper napkins, reducing environmental impact. They are compostable in just 12 weeks, further minimising waste and promoting eco-friendly practices.

From a winter wedding to Christmas parties, Halloween gatherings to summer picnics, your restaurant or catering business can offer any occasion some great and eco friendly serviettes and party napkins:

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Reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing quality with our range of paper napkins, the perfect addition to any restaurant, bar, or cafe.

Manufactured from thick recycled paper, they are not only environmentally sustainable but also compostable. Our selection includes products from the reputable brand Vegware, ensuring high-quality and ethical standards.

Don't forget to grab your pack of environmentally friendly napkins from Eco Catering Equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eco Friendly Napkins

Can all paper napkins be composted?

Only biodegradable paper napkins can be composted. Traditional paper napkins, which may contain additives or chemicals, are not suitable for composting. Biodegradable napkins are made from materials that break down naturally, making them a more environmentally friendly choice for disposal.

Choose Eco Catering Equipment for compostable paper napkins to protect the environment and offer your customers ideal paper napkins to suit their needs.

Why do restaurants use brown napkins?

Brown napkins are often environmentally friendly as they are typically made from unbleached paper, reducing the use of chemicals in their production.