Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration

At Eco Catering Equipment, we offer a comprehensive range of commercial fridges tailored to the needs of various businesses in the catering and hospitality industry. Our selection includes fridges, chillers, freezers, cabinets, counters and units for under counters, cold rooms, and ice machines, all designed to meet the practical demands of a busy commercial kitchen environment.

Our range of commercial fridges and refrigeration equipment provides easy access to stored items, allowing for efficient organisation and retrieval. From upright fridges ideal for storing perishable goods to chillers perfect for keeping soft drinks cold, we offer a variety of options to suit different needs in a catering environment or commercial kitchen.

Commercial refrigeration equipment plays a crucial role in preserving food and beverages at the right temperature, ensuring freshness and safety. Whether you run a restaurant, café, convenience store, hotels, or catering services, having reliable refrigeration equipment is of the utmost importance to maximise the quality of your products.

All of our products at Eco Catering Equipment are supplied alongside our pledge to reduce the environmental impact of catering equipment. We are also committed to providing a quality, comprehensive service that includes free delivery - because being on budget is as important as keeping food and drink stock fresh.

View our range of commercial fridge and freezers below:

Whether you’re looking to store food and cool drinks for your restaurant, bar or hotel, commercial refrigeration is something you should take time to research. At Eco Catering Equipment, we appreciate that refrigeration is a round-the-clock requirement, which is why our fridge range is durable and environmentally-friendly, saving energy and long-term costs for our customers. We provide reliable products from well-known brands.

In addition to food establishments, our range of commercial fridges are also suitable for other venues such as sporting arenas, convenience stores, and event spaces where maintaining the freshness of food and drinks is essential for customer satisfaction.

With a focus on quality and reliability, a commercial fridge or freezer ensures that your food and drink items are stored at the right temperature, preserving their taste and quality. Whether you need to store ingredients, beverages, or prepared meals, our refrigeration solutions provide the perfect environment to keep your food and drink items fresh and ready for use.

Commercial Fridges, Freezers, and Everything Else

If your establishment serves refreshments then you will already know the value of a good ice machine. If you run a bar that serves cocktails, then machines that produce quality flaked ice or unique shaped ice are a dream for your staff. Equally, quality cubed ice is available as a traditional means of keeping drinks cool. This can be especially important for champagne bars where ice buckets are more frequently used.

Our ice machines include a number of recognisable brands such as Foster and Hoshizaki and can produce up to 300kg of ice per 24 hours. These products are also likely to save money compared to some other brands as they use natural refrigerants such as R290, meaning they require less energy to run.

We also supply a range of commercial freezers from brands such as Foster, William, Hoshizaki and Gram. Commercial refrigeration is extremely important for catering as safe food storage is essential for service. Commercial fridges and freezers are designed to cope with the rigours and harshness of the commercial kitchen.

Blast chillers and freezers are available to chill hot food down to refrigerator temperatures within the industry standard 90 minute guideline, with the blast freezers capable of continuing to bring the food down to -18 degrees. This reduces the risk of bacterial spread as well as improving the quality of food when reheating.

Display drinks, keep dough fresh, or store frozen stock - shop now at Eco Catering Equipment for a commercial refrigeration unit that will benefit your business and your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

What are the types of commercial fridge?

Commercial fridges come in all shapes, sizes, and uses. From blast chillers to refrigerated counters, undercounter cabinets to display wine and beer coolers, the Eco Catering Equipment website also offers upright fridges and prep stations, as well as bakery refrigeration equipment - perfect for storing doughs and cakes - and even medical freezers and fridges. Keeping fish or meat, drinks, and ingredients chilled is vital in order to keep your kitchen running on course and being able to serve customers the best. With a range of commercial fridges in a variety of styles, you can shop at Eco Catering Equipment and ensure the best refrigeration equipment unit for your UK business.

What is the difference between industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment?

Commercial fridges and other refrigeration equipment are used in the food and drink or retail industries, typically operating at a higher temperature range. Keeping food and drink chilled or frozen at these temperatures requires less energy for adequate performance. Industrial refrigeration equipment, however, used in anything from business storage warehouses to supermarkets, will operate at a much lower temperature for chilling larger areas or objects.

What are the differences between domestic and commercial fridges?

Commercial fridges and freezers, all are manufactured to withstand frequent use. The range of commercial fridges on the market are all designed to be opened and closed regularly, maintaining their temperature in the heat and energy of the busy kitchens of restaurants or pubs. Commercial fridges are also usually fan assisted, with sturdier construction and powerful compressors. Domestic fridges to be used in a house, on the other hand, keep food and drink chilled for less time.

How do you service a commercial fridge?

Typical upright fridges for commercial use will require slightly different servicing and maintenance depending on the make and model. You should always check the operator's manual for specifics, but there are a number of tried and tested commercial fridge service tasks you can undertake to ensure your units are working and you are keeping food and drink safely and effectively.

Regularly clean both the inside and outside, as well as the internal elements such as the condenser and evaporator coils. Air filters should be replaced regularly, and drain pans or tubes should be washed. Check for signs of wear, and replace commercial fridges if you suspect damage. Eco Catering Equipment has a wide range of commercial fridges from trusted brands.