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Welcome to Eco Catering Equipment, your trusted source for top quality commercial chest freezers. Our extensive range caters to various needs, offering small to large units. Top brands like Foster and Liebherr ensure reliability and performance for your kitchen.

Commercial chest freezers provide vital additional counter space and efficient frozen storage. With unique models such as an ice cream chest, a commercial chest freezer from Eco Catering Equipment has been designed to meet the intense and unique demands of the catering industry.

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Whether you run a bustling restaurant, cafe, or catering business, gaining additional frozen storage through one of our chest freezers is an essential way to keep your ingredients fresh and products at the perfect temperature. With a white exterior for easy cleaning, these freezers are specifically designed for efficiency. Store your frozen goods with peace of mind with a freezer from Eco Catering Equipment.

Explore our range of chest freezers today and discover the benefits of reliable and spacious commercial chest freezers. At Eco Catering Equipment, we prioritise quality and performance to support the smooth operation of your professional kitchen. Find the chest freezer ideal for storing ice cream, or select a model size ideal for a small kitchen space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Chest Freezers

What is the difference between a commercial chest freezer and a regular freezer?

Commercial chest freezers are designed for durability and efficiency, featuring robust construction and high performance cooling systems. This means they can withstand the continuous use common in commercial kitchens. They are also optimised for easy organisation and accessibility, with features like sliding lids for convenient product retrieval. Freezers intended for commercial use may also come in different sizes, with greater storage space and larger external dimensions.

Do commercial freezers use more electricity?

Whilst commercial freezers may use more energy, this is due to them being made suitable for the demanding environment of professional kitchens. Commercial freezers are intended to maintain extremely low temperatures, requiring a more robust and powerful cooling system. Furthermore, with the larger storage capacity needed by the catering industry, commercial freezers do tend to use more electricity.

Is it better to keep a chest freezer full?

It's recommended that chest freezers be kept full as much as possible. A full chest freezer is more energy efficient, with the frozen stock within acts as a thermal mass to maintain a consistently low temperature for less electricity used. This leads to less fluctuation in temperature, which can help preserve the quality of the frozen food.

What is the best chest freezer for a commercial kitchen?

Choosing the best chest freezer for a commercial kitchen depends on specific needs; freezing ice creams requires a particularly high level of consistency to avoid melting.

Two reputable commercial chest freezer brands are Foster and Liebherr. They offer a range of sizes, from small units for tight spaces to large freezers suitable for high capacity storage. Visit Eco Catering Equipment to find the best chest freezer for your commercial kitchen.