Commercial Beverage Equipment

Whether you run a bar, cafe, restaurant, hotel or any other catering business, commercial beverage equipment plays an important role in your day-to-day operations. At Eco Catering Equipment, we supply a wide variety of high-quality, environmentally-friendly products.

We have a range of commercial blenders ideal for all types of catering and hospitality businesses. Blenders are available with a range of capacities, from 1-2 litres, and different speed settings for a variety of purposes.

Our range of commercial blenders includes bar blenders, which are ideal for cocktail making, or to liquidise fruit and veg. We also provide high-power blenders for constant use throughout the day. These powerful blenders create smoothies, milkshakes, soups, salsas, sauces and other dressings quickly and efficiently.

In addition to blenders, we also provide a wide range of commercial water boilers, ranging from manual fill portable boilers to large table top and wall-mounted equipment. Our range of water boilers are suitable for all types of catering and hospitality purposes, from conference centres and events hosting to large-scale restaurants, cafes and bars.

We supply manual fill countertop boilers in a variety of sizes, which include locking lids and handles for portability, and are ideal for staff canteens and meeting rooms. We also provide wall mounted autofill water boilers for use in larger canteens and office environments too.

For catering environments, we supply a wide range of options, including autofill countertop water boilers designed for constant use. We also supply barista steam and water boilers for cafes and businesses with high demand for instant boiling and frothing options.