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Eco Catering Equipment is your premier destination for a range of sustainable takeaway packaging and eco friendly food packaging. Our diverse selection includes top quality glassine hot bags, recycled paper bags, paperboard cartons, and compostable deli pots.

From leading brands like Vegware and Fiesta Green, our range of takeaway food packaging focuses on eco friendly options, supporting your commitment to sustainability.

Shop now to choose from a range of biodegradable food packaging supplies, that's better fo the environment and your credit card!

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Items 1-52 of 52 total

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Eco Catering Equipment is dedicated to offering food packaging supplies that ensure we take care of our planet. With this range of food packaging products, whether biodegradable or reusable, you can ensure security and freshness for your food and produce whilst taking care of the environment.

Shop now for takeaway packaging that can keep the planet and your food fresh at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Biodegradable Food Packaging Supplies

What is the most environmentally friendly food packaging?

Materials such as glassine, recycled paper or card, and compostable plastic are popular choices for takeaway packaging. These materials break down naturally, reducing environmental impact and contributing to sustainability goals. By opting for food packaging supplies made from renewable resources, businesses can significantly minimise their carbon footprint while still keeping food fresh.

How do I choose eco friendly food packaging?

Choosing eco friendly options for food or takeaway packaging involves considering various factors, meant to ensure sustainability and environmental impact:

  • Opt for materials with obvious eco friendly credentials, such as recycled paper or glassine, or reusable/compostable plastic.
  • Consider using brands known for their commitment to sustainability. Vegware or Fiesta Green are manufacturers that produce recycled food containers and biodegradable packaging.
  • Eco Catering Equipment offers an extensive range of biodegradable and eco friendly food packaging. Shop now at your one stop shop for helping out the planet while still delivering quality to your customers.

Is eco friendly packaging actually better for the environment?

Yes, reusable packaging is better for the environment when compared to single use alternatives. This is especially true over time, as biodegradable food packaging leaves zero waste. Furthermore, reusable materials such as paper, card, and certain plastics massively reduce resource use and lessen our dependence on finite resources.

Do consumers want eco friendly food packaging?

There is a growing demand among consumers for eco friendly food packaging. As environmental awareness increases, customers are becoming more conscious of the impact of their purchasing choices. Eco friendly packaging is viewed as a positive reflection of a company or brand and their service and values. The demand for eco friendly food packaging supplies is likely to continue to grow as consumers increasingly prioritise sustainability in their purchasing decisions.