Bakery Freezers

Eco Catering Equipment is your premier destination for bakery freezers, designed to meet the needs of bakeries and food businesses.

Our range of bakery freezers from leading brands Williams and Foster offers premium bakery refrigeration solutions for commercial kitchens and bakeries.

Ensuring that your business runs with efficiency, a bakery freezer from Eco Catering Equipment is designed to keep dough and other baking ingredients at optimal temperatures, ensuring freshness and quality.

With a variety of sizes and features available, you can find the perfect bakery freezer to suit your needs:

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  1. Foster EP 20 BSF
    Bakery Freezer (-18°/ -21°C)

    Complete with:

    Capacity - 20 Trays (20 pairs of tray slides supplied)
    Standard Finish - 304 Stainless steel exterior/Aluminium interior, (optional finishes available)

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    £5,399.00 £6,478.80

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From brands like Foster and Williams, our bakery freezer range guarantees a precise range of temperatures, providing an optimal environment to store your baked goods, desserts, and perishable bakery items. With single stainless steel doors, a bakery freezer is ideal for quality storage space even in small establishments where space is vital.

Preserve the quality and freshness of your dough and baked food with a bakery freezer. Eco Catering Equipment understands the importance of reliable and efficient refrigeration in the bakery industry. Trust our selection of bakery freezers to ensure the integrity of your ingredients.

The features offered by bakery freezers are vital for any bakery or restaurant. If you want a bakery freezer or other baking equipment, view our range of bakery refrigeration items today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bakery Freezers

Do bakeries have freezers?

Commercial bakeries rely on bakery freezers to maintain the quality of ingredients and baked food. A bakery freezer is designed to keep dough and other baking ingredients at the best temperatures, ensuring freshness and quality.

Can I use a normal fridge for bakery refrigeration?

A normal domestic fridge would break down or fail to perform in any commercial setting, including a bakery. A commercial fridge is designed to survive the consistent usage of restaurant and bakery kitchens, is easier to clean, and has the power to chill large quantities of food quickly in a higher ambient temperature.