Deck Pizza Ovens

Eco Catering Equipment is your premier supplier of deck pizza ovens.

Available as both double and single deck pizza ovens, our range from Lincat can reach up to 480ºC and can cook small and large pizzas evenly and efficiently.

With deck pizza ovens, your commercial kitchen can ensure stock is cooked to perfection without wasting time. Get even cooking results every time, with pizzas cooked at the ideal heat with precise temperature controls.

Whether you need a small single deck pizza oven for low volume orders, or a large double deck pizza oven to meet peak order times, our range can meet even the most demanding kitchen environments.

Our range of electric pizza ovens also ensure your establishment remains energy efficient and has a low carbon footprint compared to gas pizza ovens.

Shop now for double or single deck pizza ovens to streamline cooking times and keep customers coming back:

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  1. Lincat LPO
    Pizza Oven 
    (Lynx 400)

    Complete with:

    • Temperature Control - 50-300°C
    • Usable Oven Capacity - 65 (h) x 400 (w) x 450 (d) (mm)
    • Standard Finish - Stainless Steel and Chrome plated shelves
    • Power - Electric 1.5kW
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    £439.00 £526.80

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Perfect for busy pizzerias and restaurants, deck pizza ovens offer consistent and efficient cooking with the ability to cook multiple pizzas at once.

These ovens are ideal for cooking deliciously crispy and authentic pizzas, with their durable construction and precise temperature controls ensuring consistent and even results every time.

We are proud to offer Lincat deck pizza ovens, renowned for their exceptional performance and reliability in busy commercial kitchens.

Find the single deck pizza oven that's perfect for your needs from Eco Catering Equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Deck Pizza Ovens

What is the difference between a deck oven and a pizza oven?

A pizza oven is a much more complex design, using a domed roof to reflect heat onto the pizza. Deck pizza ovens are flatter, much more versatile and space efficient, and feature more precise control over the temperature range. More often than not electric, deck pizza ovens also improve energy efficiency.

Should I get a single deck pizza oven or a double deck pizza oven?

Single deck pizza ovens are the better options for establishments with typically low order volumes for pizzas and other flat foods suitable for cooking in a deck oven. Establishments geared towards serving pizzas, or those that find pizza is a consistently popular menu item, a double deck pizza oven is the ideal choice. Both are essential commercial kitchen appliance choices - especially electric pizza ovens. Shop now at Eco Catering Equipment for a deck pizza oven range that can fulfil your pizza cooking needs.

Why do most pizzerias cook pizza in a deck oven?

Deck pizza ovens can reach extremely high and precise temperatures, allowing pizzas to cook quickly - making kitchens and orders much more efficient - and develop crispier crusts. Pizzas are better baked in extremely high heat, meaning the intense and precise temperatures of deck pizza ovens are usually the first choice for professional pizza chefs and pizzerias.