Commercial Water Softener Salt

Eco Catering Equipment is your trusted source for high quality commercial water softeners. Explore our range of premium products designed to enhance the efficiency and longevity of your commercial washers.

Our Aquasol Water Softener Salt Tablets enable you to experience optimal water softening in convenient tablet form, specifically designed for use in commercial dishwashers and glass washers. Greenspeed Salt Granules are ideal for use in dishwashers, ensuring superior water softening and spotless and streak-free results. With Granulite Granulated Water Softener Salt, you will get efficient and even distribution to enhance the performance of your dishwasher or glass washer.

Shop now for the best water softener salt, granular salt, and commercial softeners available in 10kg bags for premium quality brine and cleaner kitchenware:

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3 Items

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This water softener salt is specifically designed for commercial use, addressing the unique demands of high volume settings. Whether you operate a bustling restaurant, a busy hotel, or another professional catering service, our products are tailored to meet your water softening needs.

By preventing limescale build up, especially in hard water areas, these tablet salt water softeners contribute to the longevity of your equipment by reducing maintenance costs over time. Invest in 10kg bags of high quality salt water softener to safeguard your commercial dishwasher or glass washer.

Choose Eco Catering Equipment for your commercial water softeners, and shop now to experience the boost to water quality and equipment efficiency for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Softener Salt

What is the difference between domestic and commercial softener salt?

Water softener salt intended for commercial use is designed for larger and more demanding water softening systems used in professional settings like restaurants, hotels, or industrial kitchens. It often comes in various forms, including tablet salt and granulated salt, tailored for the unique requirements of high volume and heavy duty equipment.

While both types serve the purpose of preventing mineral build up, water softener salt designed for industrial use has been engineered to address the scale and demands of large scale applications, providing enhanced longevity and efficiency for equipment.

How do you soften hard water commercially?

To soften hard water on a commercial scale, a dedicated water softening system is typically used. This involves a tank filled with resin beads to capture minerals such as calcium. An integral part of the process requires the beads to regenerate, which requires water softener salt to create a brine solution to flush out captured hard water minerals.

Water softener salt designed for use in commercial softeners is an integral part of the process. To add 10kg bags of water softener salt to your shopping list, use Eco Catering Equipment.

How often should a commercial water softener regenerate?

Water softener regeneration is an integral part of softening water, but the frequency of doing do depends of several factors. This includes water hardness, usage patterns, and the system capacity. Establishments with high demand for softened water should undertake regeneration more often. but consulting the manufacturer's recommendations will help establish an effective routine.

How long to commercial water softeners last?

On average, a well maintained and high quality commercial water softener can last up to 25 years. This requires regular maintenance, including monitoring and replenishing the salt levels if needed. It is required that you add salt to a commercial water softener, usually as granular salt or tablet salt, in order to cleanse the system with a premium quality brine solution.

Salt for water softeners can be found at Eco Catering Equipment in convenient 10kg bags.