Water Softener Salt

The water softener salt that we supply is not intended for domestic use. They are manufactured with commercial kitchens in mind. We supply packs of up to 10kgs of quality salt tablets and granules, ideal for prolonging the life of your commercial cleaning equipment.

Your cleaning equipment isn't Doctor Who - it won't go through a regeneration process and fix any limescale issues. So, it's best to stay on top of limescale build-up and use softener salt in every washing cycle!

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Water Softeners FAQs

What happens when you don't put salt in a water softener?

If you run a dishwasher or glasswasher without salt, there is a risk of limescale build-up. Over time, this can cause breakdowns and costly repairs. It can also prevent your ware washers from running smoothly and can affect how well they perform.

So, for shiny glasses, sparkling plates and minimal minerals build-up make sure to use good quality water softener salt during every washing cycle.

Can you overfill a water softener with salt?

Yes, you can. All cleaning equipment is a bit different, so we can't offer you much advice on filling yours here. However, following the instructions that came with the machine ensures that you never overfill it.

Does it damage a water softener to run without salt?

Over time, equipment can become damaged by limescale build-up if salt isn't used regularly. There are many different types of salt available, so choosing the right one for your needs is important. The salt used in home appliances costs a lot compared to commercial salt, so grab a bargain on water softener salt here at Eco Catering.

For more information about our commercial water softeners and help choosing the perfect one for your machines, please get in touch. We'll have your order to you ASAP!

Please Note: the salt we supply is food grade, making it safe to use in all cleaning equipment.