Medical Fridges

Browse our collection of commercial-grade medical fridges, designed to store and preserve medical supplies in pharmacies, health clinics and more.

Our selection includes both upright models with ample storage space and under-counter units perfect for compact spaces, all from the leading brand Liebherr.

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4 Items

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Laboratory and Pharmacy Fridges from Eco Catering

Explore our comprehensive range of medical fridges and freezers to find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you need one for your entire stock with plenty of shelves or an under-counter model to access easily from behind the counter, we have what you need.

We're proud to stock the finest medical fridges in the world from industry leaders who care just as much about storing medications as the environment. Each of the fridges we stock is energy efficient, reliable and easy to maintain.

Medical Fridge FAQs

What is the difference between a medical fridge and a normal fridge?

The difference is that medical fridges can work to very precise temperature ranges. This is vitally important as medication needs to be stored correctly. So, medical fridges can be adjusted according to the temperatures at which drugs need to be stored. Pharmacy fridges also have alarms which go off if the temperature falls below the set limit.

What is the purpose of a medical refrigerator?

A medical fridge to designed for storing medications at very precise temperatures. Many have a data logger to keep track of the temperature to ensure that the vaccines and other drugs inside have been stored at the right temperature.

Medical fridges are highly reliable and accurate and need to be too. If the glass door is left open, it can be a very costly mistake. Thankfully, medical fridge manufacturers have thought about this and installed alarms to alert you when the temp goes out of the preset range.

What is the internal temperature of a medical fridge?

The medical fridges that we stock have a range of +3-+16 degrees Celsius. This falls under regulations for laboratory and pharmacy fridges in the UK.