Hobart Bonnet Precipans

The Hobart Bonnet Precipans range offers high-capacity, multi-functional cooking units that are perfect for commercial kitchens. With very even heat distribution and loads of cooking methods in a single piece of kitchen equipment, a Hobart precipan brings a level of versatility to your kitchen that no other product does.

Designed for large-scale cooking, these robust and hard-wearing machines are ideal for schools, universities, production kitchens, and government sites.

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  1. Hobart Advancia 900 B1A9BFPD18E-40 Precipan
    Multi Functional Cooking Unit
    (2 x 18 Litres)

    Complete with:

    • Usable Tank Capacity - 2 x 18 Litres (7 Litres in fryer mode)
    • Temperature range - 40oC - 230oC
    • Max Pan Depth - 200mm
    • Dimensions - 1028 (h) x 1000 (w) x 920 (d) (mm)
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    £10,859.00 £13,030.80

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10 Conventional Cooking Methods in One!

With more than ten methods of cooking, including plancha, bratt pan, braising pan, shallow fryer, deep fryer, bain-marie, sous vide cooker, pasta cooker, boiling kettle, and steam cooker, these versatile units are perfect for any kitchen. There is even a lowering system for use with frying oil! So, from sous vide steaks to crispy chips, any operation is possible!

It's not just the many different cooking methods that make these units excellent for commercial kitchens, though. Enjoy a range of healthy cooking options, extremely fast heating and efficiency. This innovative technology is designed to be a workhorse in the kitchen, helping you handle orders quickly.

All units are constructed from full stainless steel and can be bolted directly to the wall.

Invest in a Hobart Bonnet Precipan for reliable, high-quality cooking equipment that will stand the test of time.

Bonnet Equipment From Eco Catering

With a practical multifunctional braising pan, pressure steam cooker, shallow fryer, bain-marie, sous vide, pasta cooker and even a kettle built in, a bonnet is a fantastic space saving system. The Hobart precipan has a very easy-to-use control panel, with temperature and cooking methods clearly displayed for quick and easy food prep.

A bonnet significantly reduces the amount of space you need for cooking equipment in your kitchen saving you space. So, if you have a small restaurant kitchen, but still need plenty of options for cooking, a bonnet is ideal. Boil, fry, steam and more with one versatile tool with this combination cooker.

No matter the cooking operation you want to do, everything is possible with a robust Hobart precipan.