Hobart Bonnet Minijet B2MJ661E-40

Stacked Compact 6 Grid Combi Oven (Electric)

Dimensions (mm)

£9,509.00 £11,410.80

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The Hobart Bonnet Minijet series is a fantastic, compact range of Combi Ovens. The Hobart B2MJ661E-40 is a 6 Grid Electric Combi Oven. This unit is compromised of two stacked units which allows you to split your cooking load whilst benefiting from the compact size.They are extremely simple to use and very easy to operate. During the cooking cycle, the VisioPad will keep staff informed and up to date about the current cycle. The Minijet B2MJ661E-40 is compact and can be put up against a wall with no clearance space required. It has 18 pre-programmed recipes which allows chefs to get started with their new unit immediately. The automatic cleaning system also allows chefs to schedule a clean down as frequently as they wish to. This minimises down time and allows you staff to focus on other tasks.. This unit is comrpsied of two stacked units which allows you to split your cooking load whilst benefitting from the compact size.


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Complete With:

  • 2 x (6 x 1/1 GN) tray capacity oven which cooks up to 20kg of broccoli every 10 minutes
  • 2 VisioPAD toughened glass control panels
  • Compact design saving 40cm of space compared to a standard oven
  • CoreControl technology to provide perfectly uniform cooking
  • Multiple cooking combinations, up to 6 combinations at a time and 18 programmed multi-phase recipes
  • Temperature change in a few seconds. Only 2 minutes is needed for a temperature drop from 200°C Celsius to 80°C
  • Automatic cleaning system takes only 17 minutes per wash, saving 20cl of chemicals, limiting water and energy consumption
  • With browning cycle and low temperature settings, Minijet preserves moistness and limits weight loss for the end product
  • AirDry+ technology turns fruit and vegetables into crisps in less than an hour
  • Oven cools down automatically with the door shut, minimizing hot air and fumes being released into the kitchen
  • VisioPAD technology tells you everything you need to know about the current cooking cycle
  • Core Control technology reduces power consumption by up to a third
  • Stainless steel stand


  • Capacity – 2 x (6 x 1/1 GN trays)
  • Space between levels - 45mm
  • Power – Electric 12.5kw (400/50/3)
  • Dimensions - 1803 (h) x 525 (w) x 912 (d) (mm) (Height includes stand)

Warranty - 1 year parts and labour

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