Commercial Upright Wine Fridges

Eco Catering Equipment is your premier destination for commercial wine fridges, the ultimate storage and display solution.

We offer a curated selection of commercial wine fridges designed to meet the unique needs of businesses in the hospitality industry. Our commercial wine coolers provide the ideal storage solution, ensuring that your commercial wine options are kept at optimal conditions for even the most discerning customers.

Fridges from Liebherr and Foster come packed with excellent features that make them the best money can buy. With features like dual temperature zones, UV protection, and an anti-vibration system, you can be sure that your wine will be stored in the ideal environment and at the perfect temperature, every time.

Choose from renowned brands such as Liebherr and Foster, known for their quality and reliability:

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  1. Foster EP700 W
    EcoPro G3 Wine Unit

    Complete with:

    • Temperature - (+10°/+12°C)
    • Gross Volume - 600 litres
    • Standard Finish - Stainless steel exterior/Aluminium interior, (optional finishes available)
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    £3,179.00 £3,814.80

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Wine fridges are stylish, reliable, and hold wine bottles at the optimum temperature.

These commercial wine fridges feature dual temperature zones - a dual zone wine cooler allows you to store both red wine and white wine at their respective ideal temperature range. With a commercial wine cooler, you can also protect your drinks from UV rays, saving their flavour and quality, with UV resistant glass doors.

A commercial wine fridge from Eco Catering Equipment can also feature anti-vibration systems to minimise vibrations impacting the taste of your wine or champagne.

These upright fridges are also designed to look stylish in any setting. Choose from renowned brands and introduce the perfect blend of style and function into your hospitality or catering industry establishment.

Perfect for anywhere from the smallest bar to the highest end restaurant, browse our range today to ensure all those bottles are kept cool and tasty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Wine Fridges

Do wine coolers use a lot of electricity?

A commercial wine cooler or wine fridge will use less electricity than a typical commercial fridge. Though it will vary depending on the size, commercial wine coolers may utilise around 245/0.670 kWh in 24 hours of use. An eco-friendly model wine fridge will most likely use less electricity, whereas a dual zone wine cooler may use more.

What is the life expectancy of a commercial wine fridge?

A typical commercial wine cooler may last anywhere between 10 to 15 years. Constructed with high grade materials and designed to withstand consistent use, as well as the daily wear and tear, many wine refrigeration units can last upwards of a decade with the right maintenance.

What is the difference between a wine cooler and a wine fridge?

The only major difference between a wine cooler and a wine fridge is that wine coolers are typically smaller, with a lower capacity for wine bottles. In terms of temperature range, usefulness in the catering industry, and overall quality, the difference between wine coolers and wine fridges is minimal.

In comparison, wine coolers and wine fridges are different from typical refrigerators in terms of temperature range and precision, vibration control, and the intended storage items.