Commercial Toasters


At Eco Catering Equipment, we understand the importance of having reliable and efficient commercial toasters in any food service operation. That's why our selection of toasters has been carefully selected to focus on high quality, ensuring they can withstand even the busiest of environments. Whether you're looking for conveyor toasters, slot toasters, with a standard or high output, we have the right commercial toaster for your business needs.

Depending on the model, these commercial toasters have an output range of 120 to 500 slices per hour. We carry top brands such as Buffalo, Dualit, Lincat, and Rowlett, offering our customers peace of mind knowing they're purchasing from trusted manufacturers.

Whether you're running a small cafe or a large restaurant, we have a commercial toaster to fit your needs. Shop now for a commercial toaster ideal for any commercial kitchen:

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9 Items

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Conveyor toasters are ideal for high volume settings such as breakfast buffets. They efficiently toast large quantities of bread slices, ensuring a quick and streamlined operation. Our slot toasters come with either 4 or 6 slots, perfect for businesses with varied toasting needs. Equipped with advanced heating elements for consistent and precise toasting results.

Whether you need a commercial toaster for hotel breakfast buffets or cafe sandwich toasting, Eco Catering Equipment has you covered. Shop now and bring precision toasting to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Toasters

What are the different types of commercial toaster?

The two main types of commercial toaster are conveyor toasters and slot toasters. Conveyor toasters are ideal for high volume settings, as they use a conveyor belt that continuously moves the bread through the heating elements for a quick and consistent toasting. Slot toasters are similar to domestic toasters, but often come with a higher number of slots and more advanced heating parts.

What toasters do restaurants use?

Conveyor toasters are preferred for high volume establishments, such as breakfast buffets or busy restaurants, as they typically have high demand for toasted bread.

What is the best toaster for a small cafe?

For a small cafe, a compact and efficient toaster is crucial. However, the specific type will depend on the demand for toasted goods in your cafe. Search Eco Catering Equipment for the best commercial toaster for a small cafe, or speak to a team member.