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Our commercial juicer range is ideal for establishments ranging from juice bars to restaurants. They offer a convenient way to extract fruit or vegetable juice, ensuring that you can meet the demands of customers and patrons.

Designed to keep customers coming back for more, we have a diverse range of commercial juicers on offer. Discover our extensive selection today:

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Commercial juicers are the cornerstone of hospitality and catering businesses. Ideal for juice bars and hotels, restaurants and cafés, a commercial juicer or citrus juicer ensures efficient and hygienic juicing of your stock.

Our automatic juicers are supplied by leading catering equipment manufacturer, Santos. Producing reliable products is important to Santos, which is why they are confident enough to offer a one year warranty on juicer parts and a five year warranty on the motor for selected models.

Commercial juicers save a great deal of time and energy for your staff when compared to manual models. There are multiple juicers you can choose from, including: 10A Automatic, 70A Evolution and 50 Centrifugal, with maximum outputs of 30, 50 and 100 litres per hour, respectively.

We also stock Santos manual juicers that are great for continuous use. After inserting half a piece of fruit and switching it on, the high-speed motor will extract the maximum amount of juice. These products are capable of producing an output of 30 litres per hour and come in sleek, stainless steel and quirky, colourful designs - ideal for showing the process of drinks making to customers!

You can choose whichever product would match the styles and aesthetics of your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Juicers

What is a commercial juicer?

Commercial juicers are extremely useful and powerful appliances designed for heavy kitchen use. They are intended to get the most amount of fruit or vegetable juice possible. There are various kinds of commercial juicers, including centrifugal juicers, citrus juicers, and masticating juicers.

What's the difference between a commercial juicer and a juice extractor?

While they may be named similarly, there is a big difference between what's called a commercial juicer and a juice extractor. Juicers typically use pressure to crush or press produce, creating as much juice as possible. A juice extractor, on the other hand, features a filter to remove seeds, pulp, and skin.

Which juicer is best for commercial use?

Commercial juicers come in various shapes and sizes, intended for different kinds of business and commercial kitchen. To select which of our commercial juicers is best for your operation, consider the differing types of juicer and the needs of your business

Manual juicers are ideal for commercial settings where the juicer is continually running, while certain juicers are made with colourful designs for showing off to customers.