Commercial Combination Microwaves

Combination Microwaves

Commercial combination microwaves are perfect for high-volume restaurants, bars, cafes, and other food service businesses. Your go-to supplier for cutting-edge combination microwave ovens, Eco Catering Equipment offers a new level of efficiency and versatility with our exceptional range.

A combination microwave is the epitome of versatility. Seamlessly combining the power of traditional microwaves with convection and grill functions, combination microwaves offer your staff the flexibility to cook, bake, and grill.

Experience precision in every dish with our combination microwaves. Whether you're reheating, baking, or grilling, a combination microwave provides even heat distribution, ensuring consistent results with every use.

Shop now and experience the convenience and power of these combination microwave ovens.

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Designed for space efficiency, our combination microwaves pack a punch in a compact form. Perfect for kitchens where space is tight, a combination microwave oven delivers professional performance without compromising on size.

At Eco Catering Equipment, we prioritise quality and reliability to ensure that your kitchen benefits from top-notch performance every time. Streamline your kitchen operations with one combination microwave oven, or build an array of microwave ovens to excel in both time and energy efficiency. Reduce cooking times and save on energy costs while maintaining the high standards of a professional kitchen.

Upgrade your commercial kitchen efforts with a combination microwave oven, and experience the perfect blend of versatility, precision, and efficiency. Shop now and redefine the dynamic of your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions About Combination Microwave Ovens

How do you know if a microwave is commercial grade?

The biggest difference between domestic and commercial microwave ovens is the cooking power. A typical commercial combination microwave oven will how an output of over 2000 (or perhaps 3000) watts, whereas domestic microwave ovens are unlikely to massively exceed 1000 watts. A combination microwave designed for use in a professional kitchen will also be built of a hardier material, usually stainless steel.

Does a combination microwave use a lot of electricity?

For kitchens and businesses looking for increased oven functions, a combination microwave oven is the most energy efficient option. A combination microwave oven will use less energy than a standard oven.

How long do combination microwaves last?

The average combination microwave designed for commercial use will last around 7 years. This is why it's vital to use a combi microwave which is suited for commercial used, because a domestic combi microwave will not be resilient enough to survive the usage levels and wear and tear of a professional kitchen.

Do professional kitchens use microwave ovens?

Combination microwave ovens are one of the most popular appliances in both domestic and professional kitchens. To ensure a professional, fast-paced kitchen is meeting demand, a microwave oven (especially a combination microwave oven) is ideal for quick cooking tasks and picking up the slack when needed.