Refrigerated Food Displays


We stock a large variety of refrigerated display cabinets, perfect for presenting chilled drinks, desserts, cakes and more. The display fridges we stock are ideal for coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes, and would work brilliantly for a mobile catering business too.

We work with the best commercial kitchen equipment companies in the UK, and Lincat is no exception to this. As you can see below, they have some excellent refrigerated displays that will give your pastries, cakes, bottles or beverages the ideal home on your counter and ensure they look amazing.

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4 Items

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Commercial Rectangular Display Fridge

Lincat offers various rectangular refrigerated counter displays of various internal and external dimensions. So, if you don't have too much space on the counter, there is sure to be a unit that is perfect for your needs. There are some with a door to lock in the temperature range you set. All of them have a light to ensure that your customers can see your tasty treats, and the Lincat build quality can be enjoyed throughout the range.

Curved Glass Refrigerated Display Counter

To add an extra bit of style to your bar or counter, why not grab a curved glass refrigerated display? Lincat makes some ultra-stylish curved fridges ideal for displaying cakes, snacks and anything else you'd like your customers to wow over in your store.

The entire Lincat range is excellent when it comes to energy consumption thanks to the digital controller that controls the temperatures inside the fridges. So you can save some money on your energy bills while creating a beautiful display to increase sales.

For more help with our range of energy-efficient display fridges, please contact us today.