Commercial Ice Dispensers

Ice machines, ice makers, and water dispensers are perfect for self-serve environments. Customers can quickly and easily dispense their own fresh ice and filtered water. You can preset the portion to reduce waste and energy consumption. Explore our versatile range featuring top-quality ice makers and water dispensers, ensuring you have a reliable source for ice and water in your establishment.

We offer free-standing and tabletop ice machines with ice production capacities running from 43kgs to 125kgs per 24 hours. Some models also offer a water dispensing option giving you even more flexibility in what you can offer your customers.

Elevate your beverage service with our range of commercial ice makers and water dispensers. Whether you need ice cubes, flakes, or nuggets, our ice machines deliver consistent and high-quality ice production to meet the unique needs of your business. Simplify ice distribution with our efficient ice dispensers. These user-friendly machines provide convenient access to ice, making them ideal for self-service areas in restaurants, hotels, and other foodservice establishments. Certain ice machine models also offer a convenient and hygienic solution for providing fresh and chilled water to your customers or staff.

Shop now for ice and water dispensers and experience the perfect addition of convenience and efficiency of our top-tier equipment in your professional kitchen:

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  1. Hoshizaki DCM-60KE
    Drinking Water/Ice Dispenser

    Complete with:

    • Production Capacity - 60kg per 24 hours
    • Storage Bin Capacity - 1.9kg
    • Cube Size - 28 x 28 x 32mm
    • Cube Type - Cubelet and Water
    • Electrics - 220-240V/50Hz/1
    • Dimensions - 695 (h) x 350 (w) x 585 (d) (mm)
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    £2,939.00 £3,526.80
  2. Hoshizaki DCM-120KE
    Drinking Water/Ice Dispenser

    Complete with:

    • Production Capacity - 125kg per 24 hours
    • Storage Bin Capacity - 4kg
    • Cube Type - Cubelet and Water
    • Electrics - 220-240V/50-60Hz/1
    • Dimensions - 815 (h) x 350 (w) x 585 (d) (mm)
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    £3,199.00 £3,838.80

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Eco Catering Equipment prioritises efficiency and reliability in the products we stock. Our ice machines and water dispensers are designed to meet the high demands of a professional kitchen, ensuring a constant supply of ice and fresh water at small or large volumes.

Our range caters to diverse ice needs, from fast-food establishments requiring nugget ice for beverages to fine dining restaurants desiring crystal-clear ice cubes. Our water dispensers provide a refreshing solution for staying hydrated.

Optimize your kitchen layout with our space-saving ice machines and in-built water dispensers. These solutions are crafted for efficiency without compromising on performance, making them ideal for both compact and expansive kitchen spaces.

Upgrade your beverage service with Eco Catering Equipment's commercial ice machines and water dispensers. Whether you're running a bustling restaurant, a hotel, or a cafe, our range provides the perfect solution for your ice and water needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Makers and Water Dispensers

How much does a commercial ice machine cost?

The cost of a commercial ice maker in the UK can vary widely based on factors such as brand, capacity, and features. Entry-level or smaller-capacity ice machines may start around £500, while larger and more sophisticated models with higher production capacities can range from £1,000 to several thousand pounds. High-end or specialty ice machines with advanced features are generally considered a positive investment. Additional features such as water dispensers or water cooler functionalities may increase the investment.

It's essential to consider the specific needs of your business, such as the volume of ice required and the type of ice desired, when determining the most suitable and cost-effective commercial ice maker for your establishment. Eco Catering Equipment offers a range of ice and water dispensers at competitive prices.

Is an ice machine a good investment?

Yes, investing in an ice maker is a sound decision for businesses in the foodservice industry. It provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for ensuring a constant supply of ice, eliminating the need to purchase pre-packaged ice and reducing overall operational costs. The convenience and customisation options offered by commercial ice machines enhance workflow efficiency and allow businesses to cater to diverse needs, from beverage service to food preservation. Moreover, having an in-house ice production system promotes quality control, ensuring that the ice meets stringent hygiene standards.

For businesses in hospitality, the investment translates into an improved customer experience, as a reliable and readily available ice supply is often a crucial element in delivering high-quality service. Overall, ice dispensers and water dispensers prove to be a valuable asset, contributing to operational efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.

What is the life expectancy of a commercial ice machine?

The life expectancy of commercial ice and water dispensers varies depending on factors such as brand, model, usage, and maintenance. Generally, well-maintained machines from reputable brands such as Hoshizaki can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years or more. Regular cleaning, adherence to maintenance schedules, and prompt repairs benefits the lifespan. Heavy usage, harsh water conditions, or inadequate maintenance may reduce the machine's longevity.

It's essential for businesses to follow manufacturer guidelines, conduct routine inspections, and invest in quality units to maximise the life expectancy of their commercial ice equipment, ensuring a reliable and consistent ice supply for an extended period.

What is one brand of commercial ice machines?

One reputable brand of commercial ice dispenser is Hoshizaki. Known for its innovative and high-performance ice-making equipment, Hoshizaki has established itself as a leader in the industry. Hoshizaki's commercial ice maker range is designed to deliver reliability, energy efficiency, and precision in ice production. With a range of designs catering to different needs, from cube dispensers to ice flakers and ice crushers, Hoshizaki consistently meets the demands of various businesses in the food service sector. The brand is celebrated for its commitment to quality and advanced technology, making it a preferred choice for establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and bars that prioritise a consistent and high-quality ice supply.

Eco Catering Equipment stocks multiple Hoshizaki models of ice and water dispenser, as quality and efficiency are at the core of our business model.