Rational Grilling and Roasting tray

1/1 GN - 60.71.617

Dimensions (mm)

£99.00 £118.80

The Rational Grilling and Roasting Tray can be used on either sides which allows baking to achieve a traditional grill pattern and taste whilst also being ideal for the fattiest pan-fried cuts. Optimal non-stick properties, on both sides, guarantee easy cleaning.


  • 1/1 GN double sided grilling and roasting tray
  • With the use of both sides of tray, the grill side allows you to create traditional grill pattern on food along with the traditional grill flavour
  • The roasting side has the security of a surrounding edge to catch fat from pan-fried cuts
  • Optimal non-stick properties allow easy use and clean up
  • Dimensions of 530 (h) x 325 (w) (mm)

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