Commercial Waste Bins

Eco Catering Equipment is your premier destination for commercial wheelie bins.

With a range of commercial bin sizes, all the way up to high volumes of 87 litres, our wheelie bins suit different needs and spaces. With catering bins designed for kitchens, bars, and cafes, we have cost effective solutions for every waste disposal requirement.

Constructed from high-quality and hygienic plastic, our wide array of bins can withstand the rigours of commercial use. Ensuring your business has a long-lasting and clean wheelie bin for general waste is an essential matter - make sure you've got what you need, from Eco Catering Equipment.

Shop now for a wheelie bin to ensure your waste streams are streamlined:

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Items 1-37 of 37 total

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Our collection of commercial waste bins is designed to meet the high demands of restaurants, bars, cafes, and other commercial environments.

With a range of options from top brands such as Rubbermaid and Jantex, these waste bins are durable, easy to clean, and built to withstand heavy use.

We also have the option for compostable bin liners from Vegware, ideal for non hazardous waste and dry mixed recycling.

Made from materials including tough plastics and stainless steel, these non hazardous waste containers allow you to dispose of many waste types with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Outdoor Bins

How much do commercial wheelie bins cost?

High quality wheelie bins will cost more than domestic waste bins, as the daily wear and tear of commercial businesses demands improved construction from tougher materials. A good commercial wheelie bin will cost anywhere between £60 and £140, with other factors including brand and litre capacity also impacting price.

How many litres is a commercial waste bin?

Commercial waste bins can have a capacity of anywhere from 30 litres up to 80 litres and beyond. These containers have a high capacity, to meet the general waste production scales of commercial establishments.