Commercial Potato Peelers & Rumblers

Potato Peelers & Rumblers

Our selection of energy-efficient commercial potato peelers and rumblers are ideal for any commercial kitchen.

These powerful food prep machines are designed to handle large quantities of potatoes quickly and efficiently, making them a must-have for any restaurant, takeaway or catering kitchen.

Whether you need a small tabletop model or a larger floor-standing machine, our range of Hobart potato peelers are renowned for their quality and reliability.


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Commercial Potato Peeler FAQs

How do they peel potatoes commercially?

Commercial kitchens use what’s known as a potato rumbler or a peeling machine. The potatoes are tumbled, and blades on the outside of the machine do the peeling. It looks a bit like a giant grater inside the machine. These machines make quick work of peeling, and keep waste to a minimum.

What kind of peeler do chefs use?

In a busy professional kitchen, a potato rumbler is used to speed up the peeling process. When you are making thousands of chips or dozens of portions of roast potatoes, you need a way to remove the skin as quickly as possible without too much waste.

A potato rumbler is a large floor standing machine with a huge capacity, some of our rumblers can hold 6.3kg of potatoes! The machine slowly spins around and removes the skin of the potato efficiently and quickly.

What machine is used to peel potatoes?

These machines are called potato rumblers or peelers. They can dramatically speed up the process of peeling potatoes, freeing up chefs to do other more important tasks. While they are excellent in a commercial setting, potato peelers on this scale are not suitable for the home. When you need to peel a load of potatoes every day, though, they are an excellent option.

We have potato peelers in stock from the best brands in the commercial kitchen equipment world. We have floor-standing and bench-mounted options available with powerful motors and many other features! View our commercial potato peelers above and if you need help choosing the right now, please get in touch.