Hand Soap Dispensers & Refills

Hand wash basins are not particularly effective without soap dispensers. Eco Catering has a selection of hand soap dispensers that fit perfectly in any environment. We also offer dispenser kits that include refill cartridges as well as the appropriate soap refills that can be purchased individually.

An effective soap dispenser encourages people to wash their hands thoroughly. They also measure the correct amount of soap to use to wash your hands thoroughly. So, they are ideal to reduce waste and keep the wash area tidy. All of our soap dispensers can be operated by hand or elbow to limit touch and reduce the risk of contamination.

Our hand wash soap range includes antibacterial hand soaps as well as moisturising hand soaps, helping reduce dry and irritated skin caused by frequent washing. 

Eco Catering’s range of soap dispensers and refills are manufactured by respected brands such as Rubbermaid, Tork and Deb.

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Hand soap refills

We have liquid hand soap refills available for all of the hand dispensers we stock. We have a range of different scents available as well as different sizes. Discover our range of quality soap dispensers and refills for your busy bathroom above.

Soap Dispenser FAQs

Can you put any soap in a dispenser?

Each soap dispenser manufacturer supplies its own dedicated soap cartridges that should be used in their dispensers. Deb, for example, makes it easy with colour-coded refills for each of their dispenser. Just match the colour of the refill to the colours on the dispenser and it will work flawlessly.

Other manufacturers have different ways to add the soap to the dispenser. If you aren't sure what soap your dispensers take or aren't sure which refills to buy, get in touch and we'll guide you through it.

Are soap dispensers hygienic?

As long as good cleaning practices are in place, soap dispensers are very hygienic. Sealed soap dispensers are known to be breeding grounds for bacteria. However, many businesses are phasing these out nowadays and committing to refillable soap dispensers like the ones we supply.

How often should you clean a soap dispenser?

You should be cleaning your soap dispensers during every cleaning session. And not with just a small amount of water, but with antibacterial cleaning products. If left, soap dispensers can be breeding grounds for bacteria. So frequent cleaning cycles are needed to ensure bacteria doesn't have time to grow.

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