Lincat OE8014

4 Zone Induction Hob (Opus 800)

Dimensions (mm)

£7,399.00 £8,878.80

The Lincat OE8014 Induction Hob is highly energy efficient and portable. Lincat Opus 800 induction hobs offer exceptional energy efficiency in comparison with other types of hob. The induction process typically delivers 90% efficiency as compared with a solid electric hotplate at 55%. Ventilation and air conditioning costs can be reduced too, as the heat is generated in the pan instead of the hob surface, focusing energy where it's needed - not wasting it into the kitchen.

Complete with:

  • Easy to use rotary controls complete with LED display of power level
  • Heavy duty components ensure long service life
  • High power - 5.3kW zones
  • 6mm thick high impact resistant thick glass ceramic surface will withstand hard knocks and is easy to clean
  • Pan Maximiser function automatically delivers maximum power to any compatible pan, so ensuring responsive and precise control of the cooking temperature
  • Suites perfectly with other Opus 800 products to create a powerful and versatile cookline
  • Heating ON indication
  • Overheat protection
  • Pan detection function cuts power when no pan is present, preventing harm to users and utensils, while saving energy
  • Easy to change filter, built into the base of the unit
  • Multiple powerful internal cooling fans and overheat protection for long service life


  • Number of Hobs - 4 Zones
  • Power -  5.3kW induction zones
  • Net Weight - 49kg
  • Dimensions - 308 (h) x 600 (w) x 800 (d) (mm)

Warranty - 2 year parts and labour

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