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Our powerful, ready-to-use industrial oven cleaner is perfect for any busy commercial kitchen. Whether you have very heavily stained ovens, or just want to stay on top of the regular cleaning, we have you covered.

We stock Jantex commercial oven cleaner because it is the perfect thing for ovens, aluminium and stainless steel surfaces and any other non-porous surfaces in the kitchen. It has the best cleaning and degreasing properties that we've ever seen, and is ideal for industrial ovens and any other horizontal or vertical surfaces in commercial kitchens!

Explore our whole range of commercial oven cleaning products below.

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Professional Oven Cleaning Products from Eco Catering

With baked-on, stubborn stains, commercial ovens need a powerful cleaner that acts as fast as the catering environment. Jantex cleaning solutions remove all grease and food debris quickly and efficiently to reduce the risk of fire, and ensure your ovens are clean and ready to go!

This oven cleaner is intended for commercial kitchens and ovens only. Commercial and domestic ovens are built very differently, and so it may damage a domestic oven. However, it will lift deposits quickly and has no caustic nature or harmful fumes, so it is safe to use in confined spaces.

Commercial Oven Cleaning FAQs

What do professionals use to clean ovens?

Professional oven cleaners use the same oven cleaning products available to us. However, they have a few handy tricks up their sleeve to make it look easy. A warm oven, for example, softens the food debris on the sides, floors and grills to make it much easier to clean the grease off.

Occasionally, commercial oven cleaners will use potassium hydroxide, thixotropic gel and other chemicals that generate obnoxious fumes, but in most cases, powerful commercial oven cleaning products, clean water and some elbow grease are enough to transform even the dirtiest oven!

What is the best industrial oven cleaner?

Cleaning commercial ovens and kitchens requires a very powerful cleaner to combat the oil, grease, food, grime and dirt. We always recommend Jantex oven cleaner. It offers the best results in no time at all. It is a great general-use cleaner for the entire kitchen, but powerful enough to cut through grease and grime on grills, hot plates, appliances and the oven quickly.

If other products have let you down, try the best commercial oven cleaning products from Eco Catering. Get in touch to find out more today!