Atmospheric Steamers

Atmospheric Steamers

Welcome to Eco Catering Equipment, your premier destination for top-quality commercial kitchen solutions. Explore our range of Falcon atmospheric steamers, designed to heat up your culinary experience.

Our atmospheric steamers offer unmatched versatility, allowing you to steam a wide range of ingredients and create a menu of healthy steamed food, from vegetables and seafood to meats and grains. Whether you're running a bustling restaurant, hotel kitchen, or catering service, these atmospheric steamers are the ideal addition to your kitchen arsenal.

Experience the difference with Falcon atmospheric steamers, available now at Eco Catering Equipment:

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  1. Falcon G3478
    Gas Atmospheric Steamer 
    (Dominator Plus)

    Complete with:

    • GN Capacity - 1/1 Pans
    • No. of Shelves - 6
    • Fuel - Natural Gas or Propane
    • Power kW - Natural (12.1) Propane (12.7)
    • Dimensions - 1590 (h) x 600 (w) x 840 (d) (mm)
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    £3,439.00 £4,126.80

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Browse our range of commercial atmospheric steamers for the perfect solution for making healthy steamed food; ideal for cooking vegetables, puddings, meat, fish and most other foods. Simple to use, versatile and easy to clean with stainless steel construction, atmospheric steamers are great for helping retain nutrients in food and can be used to cook a number of different products at the same time.

Atmospheric steamers are the perfect solution for commercial catering and hospitality providers seeking to improve their food quality and efficiency. These innovative appliances harness the power of steam to cook food evenly while preserving its natural flavours and nutrients. With a Falcon gas atmospheric steamer, you can effortlessly create healthy steamed dishes that delight your customers and boost your output.

We stock a wide range of electric and gas atmospheric steamers, from top brands including Falcon.

Frequently Asked Questions About Atmospheric Steamers

What is an atmospheric steamer?

An atmospheric steamer is a commercial kitchen appliance that uses steam to cook food thoroughly and evenly. It's the perfect solution for busy kitchens aiming to deliver healthy steamed food quickly and efficiently. These steamers are designed to save time and space, offering a high-capacity cooking solution without compromising on quality. By harnessing the power of steam, atmospheric steamers ensure that ingredients retain their natural flavours, nutrients, and moisture, resulting in healthier dishes.

What is the temperature of an atmospheric steamer?

The temperature of an atmospheric steamer is typically up to 100°C, making it ideal for cooking vegetables, grains, seafood, meats, and other foods. This versatile temperature range ensures that different types of ingredients can be cooked thoroughly and evenly, preserving their natural flavours, textures, and nutrients.

Whether you're steaming delicate vegetables or hearty meats, an atmospheric steamer provides the ideal cooking environment, allowing chefs to create a wide range of dishes with precision and consistency.