Mechline GreasePak

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  1. Mechline GreasePak
    Biological Drain Maintenance

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    The Mechline GreasePak drain maintenance system is great for all commercial kitchens, preventing recurring blockages from fats, oils and grease.

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  2. Mechline GreasePak Fluids
    (Replacement Fluids)

    The GreasePak Masterbox dosing refill Bio-Enzymatic fluid contains 3 x 5 litre boxes. Each 5 litre box is approx. 1 months supply (Based on standard dosing).


    • MSGD, Multi Strain Grease Degrader, effective in the degrading of FOGs
    • Environmentally friendly and efficient  
    • Non-hazardous, bio-degradable, class 1 product
    • Easy to use, twist on and off connectors, eliminating spillages
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3 Items

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