Lockable Multideck Display Fridges

Designed to increase impulse sales and create a lasting retail impact, our selection of lockable multideck display fridges are perfect for your commercial food business.

Eco Catering Equipment offers a variety of sizes and capacities from industry leader Foster, so you can find the right fridge for your needs. Our slimline multidecks are ideal for smaller stores, while our larger fridges are perfect for self-serve environments, larger retail stores, and supermarkets.

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Choose the Perfect Multideck Display Fridge For Your Business

Whether you want to store fresh meats or cool beers in your new display space, we have what you need. A multideck chiller provides the perfect way of displaying snacks, drinks or food for sale in a pleasing way. With LED lighting, glass doors and modern trim, display chillers from Foster are better than any other brand on the market.

Our multideck display fridges are perfect for the safe overnight product storage of things like dairy products, as well as, driving impulse sales while ensuring your energy efficiency is kept as low as possible and your temperature range is kept just the way you like it!

Enjoy Energy Efficiency With Eco Catering

Eco Catering cares just as much about the environment as we do about our customers receiving the highest quality multideck chillers. This is why buying a multideck fridge from us ensures that your energy consumption is kept to a minimum. We've carefully selected the most energy efficient fridges on the market so you can keep up with display demands without spending a tonne on your energy bills.

Use a multideck chiller on the shop floor of your business and watch the impulse sales grow! Whether you own a takeaway, shop or coffee shops, grow your business and build your brand with quality catering equipment from Eco Catering.