Bains Marie Top Hot Cupboards

With Eco Catering Equipment's range of hot cupboards, from the renowned brand Victor, you can elevate your catering operations. Equipped with a bain marie, our mobile hot cupboards are the epitome of convenience.

Bains Marie top hot cupboards are designed to keep your food at a consistent and safe temperature, making them a valuable addition to any commercial kitchen. Maintain your dishes at the perfect serving temperature, with our range of hot cupboards doubling as ensuring that every meal reaches your audience in optimal condition.

Made from high-quality materials and built to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen, Victor's commercial hot cupboards are a reliable choice.

Browse our collection today to find the ideal solution and the perfect temperature for your kitchen:

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  1. Victor BM20MS Bains Marie Hot Cupboard
    Consort Mobile

    Complete with:

    • Capacity - 36 plated meals, 258 10″ plates
    • Dimensions - 900 (h) x 945 (w) x 670 (d) (mm)
    • Power - 220V/240V, 1 phase 50Hz, 1.9kW loading, 7.9Amps approx
    • Optional - Wet or Dry Well fitted- BM22MS
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    £1,509.00 £1,810.80

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Ideal for banquets, buffets, or a busy kitchen, our hot cupboard units ensure that meals are hot and customers are pleased. The bain marie feature ensured that every dish is held at the perfect temperature. With the added convenience of plate warmers, our hot cupboards boost your service.

Elevate how your plated meals are served with the reliability and convenience of Eco Catering Equipment's hot cupboard range.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Cupboards

What is a hot cupboard?

A hot cupboard is a versatile piece of commercial kitchen equipment designed to keep prepared food at a consistent and safe serving temperature until it's ready to be served. An essential appliance equipped with heating elements to maintain an optimal temperature, hot cupboards ensure that meals and plates stay warm within the unit.

What temperature should a hot cupboard be?

The ideal temperature for a hot cupboard depends on the type of food being stored. Hot cupboards maintain a safe eating temperature, preventing food from drying out or cooling down without it overcooking. The specific temperature will vary depending on the meals on offer and the models being used.

What is a bain marie?

Also known as a water bath, bain marie is a method of gentle and consistent heat transfer. Food is placed into a container of hot water and kept at a stable temperature without overheating. For hot cupboards, this ensures that plates stay in the range of suitable temperatures for serving.

Does my restaurant need plate warmers?

If you wish to prioritise serving dishes at the perfect heat, plate dispensers or plate dispensers are the perfect tool. Customers appreciate the attention to detail, and warm plates prevent food from cooling too quickly. As a professional and efficient kitchen tool, this is essential for establishments looking to keep their plated meals hot.