Pint Glasses

Browse our selection of high-quality pint glasses, perfect for any restaurant, bar, or cafe.

Our collection features durable glassware from trusted brands like Arcoroc, ensuring long-lasting use in any commercial setting. Our toughened glass pint glasses will be plenty strong enough to ensure any beer lover who comes into your bar will enjoy the perfect pint.

Choose from a variety of styles and sizes to suit your needs, from classic pub glasses to speciality beer glasses for craft beers. With our affordable prices and reliable shipping, it's never been easier to stock up on essential glassware for your establishment.

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Beer Glasses for Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants From Eco Catering

We stock a huge variety of drinking glasses. From Belgian beer glasses with their conical shape for better head retention to classic dimpled pint glasses and a great deal more. The only thing we don't stock is branded beer glasses!

If you run commercial establishments and need a full range of drinking glasses for your restaurant, bar or pub, we have you covered. We work with the best brands in the catering business and can ship your pint glasses straight to you!

How big is a pint glass UK?

A pint glass in the UK is 20 imperial fluid ounces or 568ml.

Why does a beer glass have a bulge?

The bulge in a pint glass is there for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it makes it easier for you to hold on to, even when it's wet with condensation. Secondly, it makes the glass much easier to stack and un-stack, so bartenders have an easier time delivering you a pint quickly.

Whether you need half-pint glasses, ale glasses, glasses for soft drinks or wine, we have you covered. A box of 24 glasses is also perfect for a home bar. So, for home or commercial use, get in touch with Eco Catering today and enjoy a better drinking experience.