Electric Range Cookers

Electric Range Cookers

Finding the right commercial oven for your business is vital. Choosing the perfect electric oven for your busy restaurant ensures that your staff can perform their best during the busiest of services.

Below, we have some of the best commercial range cookers available in the UK from the top brands including Lincat, Falcon and more. No matter the capacity, number of shelves, rings or hotplates you need, we have the perfect electric commercial range cooker in stock at a great price!

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  1. Lincat ESLR9C
    6 Hob Electric Oven Range 
    (Silverlink 600)

    Complete with:

    • Temperature - 50 - 250°C
    • Usable Oven Capacity - 428 (h) x 725 (w) x 342 (d) (mm)
    • Number of Shelves - 2
    • Fuel - Electric
    • Dimensions - 932 (h) x 900 (w) x 670 (d) (mm) 
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    £2,039.00 £2,446.80
  2. Lincat OE8015
    Electric Solid Top Oven Range
    (Opus 800)

    Complete with:

    • Temperature - 130 - 250 °C
    • GN Capacity - 6 x GN1/1
    • No. of Shelves - 3
    • Total Power Rating - 15.4kW
    • Internal Dimensions - 405 (h) x 825 (w) x 530 (d) (mm)
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    £4,629.00 £5,554.80

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Commercial Electric Ovens FAQs 

Do commercial ovens cook faster?

Commercial electric ovens are much more powerful than a typical household oven, so you can get food out to your customers faster by using one. Of course, different models have different power ratings, but in general, a commercial electric oven can add a serious amount of power to your kitchen.

What makes an oven commercial?

These units are designed to be in a pro kitchen. They are built far more robustly than their household counterparts, Many use three-phase power to ensure that they can work continuously during the busiest of shifts and never get bogged down. They are also supplied with everything you need to get your kitchen cooking in no time. In short, they are built better, more powerful and perfectly suited to the professional kitchen.

What can you cook in a commercial oven?

You can cook just about anything in a commercial oven. They are perfect for finishing off meat and fish. You can create perfect roast potatoes and vegetables too! You can do so much with electric oven ranges. They are one of the most important tools in a chef's arsenal. A quality range cooker can transform your food and the cooking process.

Are all commercial ovens convection ovens?

To complete your restaurant’s cooking equipment, check out our combi steamers too. We also have a range of other commercial cooking gear, as well as a gas oven range for busy professional kitchens as well. Need some help choosing the best oven for your kitchen? Give us a call today!