Eco-Friendly Disposable Stickers

Eco Catering Equipment is your premier destination for eco stickers, designed for catering and business use.

Our compostable labels are the perfect choice for labelling paper bags or food containers, providing a convenient and environmentally friendly solution for your labelling needs.

Crafted with a water-based permanent adhesive, our eco stickers are fully compostable in under 12 weeks when disposed of properly, minimising environmental impact. These stickers are ideal for small businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining high-quality labelling standards.

Our eco-friendly stickers feature permanent adhesive, ensuring they securely stick to surfaces without the need for frequent replacements. Whether you're labelling food items or packaging, our stickers offer durability and reliability to protect your brand and deliver clear messaging to customers.

Shop now for eco friendly catering labels, made from compostable and strong materials, for safety and sustainability:

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With our range of paper labels, you can confidently print or write important information, such as product details, order numbers, or expiration dates, directly onto the stickers. The tear-resistant material ensures that your labels remain intact during delivery or handling, providing a professional presentation every time.

Our paper labels are designed to securely adhere to various surfaces, offering versatility and flexibility for your labelling needs.

By choosing eco-friendly stickers from Eco Catering Equipment, you're not only making a sustainable choice for your business but also demonstrating your commitment to environmental responsibility to every single customer.

Join us in our mission to reduce waste and protect the planet while enjoying the convenience and performance of our eco label range.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eco Stickers

What are the most environmentally friendly stickers?

Unlike typical labels, such as those on wine bottles, compostable catering stickers are perfect for eco conscious catering businesses.

The most environmentally friendly stickers are compostable catering stickers with a water-based adhesive. Crafted from sustainable materials, these stickers are designed to minimise environmental impact while offering high-quality labelling. With a round shape and a pre-printed design, they provide a convenient and eco-conscious solution for labelling food containers or packaging. These stickers are ideal for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and meet the sustainability expectations of customers.

How long do biodegradable stickers last?

Compostable labels with a water-based adhesive typically last for about 12 weeks. After this period, they decay cleanly, thanks to their eco-friendly materials and adhesive. These labels are designed to break down efficiently in industrial composting facilities, minimising their environmental impact. By choosing biodegradable labels, businesses can ensure their labelling equipment aligns with sustainable practices while effectively conveying important information to buyers.

Where can I get paper labels for my food business?

Eco Catering Equipment offers paper labels ideal for your food business needs. Our round shape paper labels are perfect for labelling food items in your establishment. Made with eco-friendly materials and designed to withstand the demands of food environments and deliveries, our labels ensure clarity and durability while aligning with sustainable practices. Get your paper labels from Eco Catering Equipment for reliable, environmentally conscious labelling solutions.