Table Top Blenders

Eco Catering Equipment is the premier destination for commercial table top blenders.

Protein shakes, fibrous fruits, and meal prep for tomorrow's big batches - these professional jug blenders make light work of anything your customers can throw at them.

Our range of tabletop blenders offers unmatched power and versatility, allowing you to effortlessly blend a variety of ingredients to perfection. Whether you're whipping up smoothies, crushing ice for frozen desserts, or creating silky smooth soups and sauces, these blenders deliver outstanding results every time.

Eco Catering Equipment can help you crush ice, get rid of those outdated smoothie makers, and make frozen dessert - all in one, with a high power blender:

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3 Items

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These powerful blenders come with multiple speed settings, allowing your staff to crush ice cubes and blend frozen fruits for frozen drinks, and even blend hot ingredients with all the power of a food processor.

With features like smoothie settings and speed settings, a Waring power blender is designed for convenience and efficiency. A durable plastic jug and noise muffling cover enables some of the best blenders on the market to blend smoothies, crush ice or chop nuts and coffee beans, and create sauces or dressings.

Create icy drinks, toppings for desserts, and even make light work of hot soups.

Ice crushing, soup blending, and smoothie making: shop now to find the best blender for your commercial kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Table Top Blenders

How long does a commercial blender last?

A commercial blender copes with consistent use much better than other blenders. The right blender for a commercial establishment may be used upwards of 50 times a day, so the construction of metal and a high quality plastic or glass receptacle beats domestic, personal blenders.

A commercial power blender may last longer than many immersion blenders (or stick blenders), with hardier components and a more compact blender design.

The best blender for commercial use will probably last around 5 to 7 years.

What is the difference between a commercial blender and a normal blender?

There will be a few differences between a professional power blender and a personal blender. The best blender for commercial use will be pricier, reflecting the higher quality build and improved technology.

Many commercial top blenders are heavy duty, ideal for a variety of kitchen tasks from blending nuts to hot ingredients for soups - and could even potentially function as a food processor and ice crusher in a pinch.

Can I make crushed ice in a blender manually?

Jug blenders are incredibly useful for ice crushing. Even without an ice crush feature, the plastic or glass jug - as well as the range of blending speeds - enables ice crushing.

A jug blender will also be better than an immersion blender for ice crushing, as the extra protection will reduce splashes or spillages.

If you are looking for ice crushing abilities, the best blender will be one from Eco Catering Equipment's range of table top jug blenders.