Eco-Friendly Disposable Coffee Stirrers

Our selection of eco-friendly disposable coffee stirrers is the perfect choice for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact. Made from biodegradable materials, these Fiesta Green stirrers are an excellent alternative to traditional plastic options. Shop now and make a positive change for the planet without sacrificing functionality.

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2 Items

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Buy Sustainable Coffee Stirrers From Eco Catering

No matter if you are serving hot drinks from a van, a takeaway or a fancy restaurant, you need stirrers for your tea and coffee. We have tea and coffee stirrers for a great price per pack. Choose between 140mm in length or 190mm in length. They are made from smooth wood, so you can buy in confidence and know that your stirrers are high quality and won't tarnish the taste of your teas.

Order your stirrers from Eco Catering now and know that they were manufactured sustainably and responsibly. While you are here, don't forget that we also stock coffee cups, lids and takeaway boxes too. Checkout today and receive your order as quickly as tomorrow.

Wooden Coffee Stirrers FAQs

What are wood coffee stirrers made of?

Wooden coffee stirrers are made from something called Betula wood. This is a top-quality birch which is sturdy, smooth and offers a splinter-free experience. This type of wood is ideal for a stirrer because it is very strong even when it's as thin as this. It also doesn't react with teas or coffee and sugar, so there is no taste added to your drinks.

Can you still buy plastic stirrers?

As you may expect, the era of plastic stirrers has come to an end. After a review of the damage that these stirrers caused over the many years they were used, we're glad they are gone. The impact that single-use plastic has had on the planet is shocking and wooden coffee stirrers can be recycled and reused.

Add a pack of these low weight stirrers to your basket and get them delivered straight to your door the next day! If you're a business, you won't pay VAT and you'll enjoy some high-quality stirrers for your catering business.