Commercial Warewashing Equipment

Commercial Warewashing Equipment

Washing equipment plays an important role in commercial catering environments, keeping kitchens running smoothly and efficiently, by stopping dirty dishes and glassware from piling up.

At Eco Catering Supplies, we provide a wide range of commercial warewashing equipment suitable for use in catering, kitchen and bar settings. We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact, while providing high quality products and service to our customers.

In our range, we supply a number of high-quality commercial glass washers to suit various budgets, with a choice of rack sizes and cycle times available. Glasswashers allow fast and efficient cleaning, and require less water and washing detergents than hand washing, making glasswashers an environmentally-friendly way to keep your glassware clean.

In addition to glasswashers, within our range of catering cleaning equipment we also provide an impressive selection of commercial undercounter dishwashers. We supply products from various leading manufacturers, including Hobart, Maidaid and Direct Catering (DC).

Undercounter dishwashers come in a range of configurations and with various basket sizes to suit the requirements of your business. Whether you need a small dishwasher or a highly efficient, super-fast industrial machine, we have something to suit your needs.

Our various dishwashers come equipped with a variety of features, including in-built softeners, which filter the minerals in water to provide a more effective clean while removing streaking on dishes.

Other features include thermal disinfection, which uses fresh water every cycle and steam to thoroughly clean crockery at 100°, and Vaporinse - a unique eco programme that saves up to 40% on water and detergent usage, by utilising just 1 litre of water per cycle.

In addition to our environmental policy, at Eco Catering Equipment we also pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, which includes free delivery throughout our product range. See our full range of commercial warewashing equipment below: