Heated Food Displays


Heated counter displays offer a range of options when it comes to displaying hot food to your customers. You can get really creative with a unit like this and display your food to entice your customers into buying your delicious food in many fun and interesting ways.

Whether you are a takeaway looking to keep things warm, a mobile catering business that needs a way to present their food, or a cafe that needs to keep meals warm until the rest of the order is ready to serve, we have hot food display cabinets for everyone.

We work with Lincat - an industry leader in commercial eco-friendly kitchen equipment and stock a range of their hot food displays.

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9 Items

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Hot Food Display Cabinets From Eco Catering

Our range of heated display units has different glass options for you. You can choose from front-facing glass doors so that your customers can pick your pastries themselves. Curved front displays offer a subtle design feature that works excellently in all manner of businesses. We also have modern, sleek designs that will quickly become an essential display unit for pies, pasties, cookies and a great deal more.

Curved Front Hot Counter Display

The Lincat curved-front heated counter displays that we stock can cater to all needs. We have different sizes available to suit every size and type of business. While they all have the same number of shelves, we have different-sized units to ensure that you have enough space for each service.

Buying a curved-front hot counter display is the perfect way to provide your customers with a clear view of your products.

What temperature should heated display units be?

It depends on what produce you are keeping in your heated display as to which heat you'll require. All of our displays have a max temperature of 95°C and a holding temperature of 72°C. In general, most cafes, restaurants, mobile catering businesses and takeaways can use this holding temp to keep everything toasty and displayed nicely.

For more information about our hot display cabinets, please explore our website further. Purchase a customer-facing hot display cabinet for your business today, and enjoy Lincat's fantastic warranty! Whether you're a browser or a buyer, if you have any questions at all, please get in touch!