Rational Grill and Tandoori Skewer

2/1 GN - 60.72.415

Dimensions (mm)

This product has been discontinued, for alternative options please see our complete Rational Range

A selection of different shaped skewers allows for various cooking possibilities; meat, fish, poultry or vegetables. Complete with 1 skewer frame and 5 different skewers, this Grill and Tandoori Skewer Set offers uniform browning on all sides.


  • Set 2/1 GN grill and tandoori skewer
  • Set consisting of 1x Skewer frames with 5 different skewers
  • Set of skewers includes 1 Round (5mm, 530mm long), 1 Round (8mm, 530mm long), 1 Square (5mm, 530mm long), 1 Square (8mm, 530mm long), 1 Fish (4x10 mm, 530mm long) and 1 standard Grill and Tandoori skewer frame 1/1 GN
  • Round, square or triangular cross-section for universal use
  • Provides uniform browning
  • Easy to use

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