Adande VCS2/CW

Prep Counter With Solid Worktop (-22°C/+15°C)

Dimensions (mm)

£4,199.00 £5,038.80

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The Adande VCS2/CW has a reinforced solid worktop enabling it to be used for food prep or hold heavy equipment, a Rational oven for example, making it the perfect partner for kitchens where space is a premium and food products need to be kept within easy reach. The two drawer configuration allows the operator to have a fridge freezer combo or operate both at the same temperature with the flexibility to switch either within minutes.

Complete with:

  • Select your Adande VCS unit to be a fridge or a freezer. Changeable in minutes...
  • Solid worktop - can be extended to accommodate larger items of equipment ie Rational


  • Two drawer unit for more storage and easy to slide underneath a worktop, avoiding hot cookline applications
  • Dividers are available to manage your Adande, perfect for keeping up on food safety regulations
  • The unique Adande system design ensures that cold air is retained even when drawers are opened
  • A two-drawer unit stores at least the equivalent of a 500 litre upright cabinet or a three-door counter
  • Comparing this unit to other refrigerated units, you will be saving 40-60% on energy


  • Temperature Range - (-22°C to +15°C)
  • Capacity - 4 x GN 1/1 Pan at 100mm deep per drawer
  • Standard Finish - Stainless Steel, Solid top, Standard castors
  • Gas Type - R600a
  • Internal Drawer Dimensions - 700 (W) 540 (D) 220 (H) (mm)
  • Dimensions - 900 (855 with Rollers & Feet) (h) 1100 (w) 700 (d) (mm)

Warranty - 5 years parts and labour

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