Hobart Ecomax Plus G415SW

Glasswasher (In-Built Softener)

Dimensions (mm)

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The new and upgraded Hobart Ecomax Plus G415SW has all the features of the incredibly popular G403S that it is superceeding. However, it now comes with an improved, easy to use control panel and inbuilt USB interface for easier servicing, diagnostics and software updates.

It has a fantastic specification and is designed to be hygienic and easy to clean. There are only 4 removable parts and it has a self-flushing cycle to ensure high standards of hygiene. The Ecomax Plus G415SW has the same qualities and innovative design ideas as the G415W but has the added benefit of a built-in water softener. This is ideal for hard water areas to prevent the build-up of harmful lime scale. As it’s an integral part of the unit this is useful if space is at a premium.

Complete with:

  • A choice of 3 cycles; 60, 120 and 180 seconds
  • Up to 60 racks per hour
  • Integral fitted drain pump - allows quick and easy emptying and refilling. Click here for more information
  • Supplied with 1 4 Division tilt rack
  • With In-built Softener
  • Electronic controls - simple to use and understand
  • Double skinned construction keeps radiated heat and noise levels to a minimum and reduces energy loss
  • Chamber and wash tank with smooth, rounded corners and polished interior - no dirt traps and easy access
  • Easy to clean - only 4 removable items for cleaning
  • Thermostop rinse control which ensures that the machine will only rinse at the correct temperature
  • Dosing equipment fitted as standard
  • Automatic hygienic self flushing drain cycle on machine shut down - fast, effIcient and promotes good hygiene standards 
  • In-built Water Softener - ensures optimum water quality delivering a sparkling finish
  • Integral detergent and rinse aid pumps - precise dosing for guaranteed quality and streak free results
  • 2 stage strainer/filter system removes debris and helps to protect the wash pump
  • Upper and lower combined wash and rinse arms - 100% glass coverage for perfect wash results
  • Multi phasing power options - can be configured to suit different electrical requirements
  • Compact L shaped 8 litre wash tank and economical 2 litre rinse, saves on water, energy and detergent, reducing running costs 
  • Using the correct glass racks will significantly improve washed results
  • A tilted and divided rack promotes rapid drying and safer handling of glasses and helping to eliminate breakages
  • Class A Airgap – allows direct connection to mains and complies with all water authority bye-laws. Click here for more information
  • WRAS Approved
  • Made in Germany



  • Basket Size - 400 x 400 (mm
  • Loading Height - 315 (mm)
  • Wash Temperature: 50 Degrees
  • Rinse Temperature: 67 Degrees
  • Wash Tank Capacity - 8 litres
  • Water Consumption/cycle - 2.9 litres
  • Total Load - 2.8kW/16Amp 230/50/1 Switchable to 4kW/20Amp 230/50/1 or 5.4kW/3 x 13Amp 400/50/3
  • Water Pressure Req. - Cold or hot feed, 0.6-10 BAR
  • Dimensions - 705 (h) x 460 (w) x 590 (d) mm

Warranty - 1 year parts and labour

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