A Class ‘A’ Air Gap (Break Tank) is fitted to commercial warewashing equipment. It prevents dirty water from siphoning back into the mains water from the commercial dishwasher or glasswasher.

Class ‘A’ Air gaps are a legal requirement on dishwashers that are located in a commercial kitchen or other food prep area. At the time of writing this article, glasswashers fitted within the bar area do not require a Class ‘A’ Air Gap. If you do not want to purchase a unit with an Air Gap, we recommend fitting a ‘Double Check Valve’ to the water feed for a glasswasher. This will prevent any chance of water contamination and should future proof your machine. Please be aware that a ‘Double Check Valve’ is not deemed as sufficient by the authorities for commercial dishwashers.

To aid the operation of Air Gaps (Break Tanks) the units have a rinse booster pump built-in. If your site has low water pressure it may be necessary to have a rinse booster pump meaning a unit with an Air Gap and rinse booster would be beneficial.

All commercial warewashers we supply adhere to the current regulations and often go beyond the minimum requirements. All of our dishwashers and certain glasswashers are fitted with class ‘A’ air gaps. Or they have the option to fit them in the optional extras list.

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