Vogue Polyester Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag - 482mm

Dimensions (mm)

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The Vogue Insulated Polyester Pizza Delivery Bags are ideal for any establishment offering a pizza delivery service. Each bag has padded, insulated panels that help the bag retain as much heat as possible. This ensures that when pizzas are delivered they are still as warm as possible for maximum customer satisfaction. The spacious dimensions off the bag means you can fit two pizza boxes inside which reduces the need to buy multiple bags. The polyester material is far more robust and durable compared to other materials used for delivery bags and will last far longer. The opening flap is fixed down by velcro for maximum security, keeping the contents safe from falling out or losing heat. Two handles on the back of the bag make this bag easy to carry with comfort and efficiency and the velcro opening provides quick, easy access to the contents. It is a versatile bag and great option for other foods too.

Complete with:

  • 2 pizza box capacity
  • Insulated panels keep contents as warm as possible for longer
  • Polyester material is robust and durable
  • Spacious inside for maximum capacity
  • Velcro opening flap keeps contents secure but provides easy access for drivers
  • Convenient grab handles for quick and efficient transportation
  • Great for transporting other hot foods too


  • Capacity - 2 Pizza Boxes
  • Product Code - S481
  • Dimensions - 125 (h) x 482 (w) 419 (d) (mm)
  • Material - Insulated Polyester
  • Insulated - Yes
  • Colour - Red
  • Unpacked Weight - 500g

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